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“I Was Blown Away”: Travis Kelce Narrates His First Shot at Full-Time Acting

Ayush Juneja

“I Was Blown Away”: Travis Kelce Narrates His First Shot at Full-Time Acting

The New Heights podcast has gained more popularity since the Kelce brothers took their show on the road. Their amazing success story brought them to Hollywood, then Cincinnati, and now Jason is in New York while Travis Kelce is in France. Moreover, thanks to the immense success of their podcast and their recently surging popularity, the Kelce duo has also had the opportunity to earn some screen time on TV.

The Chiefs’ tight end recently signed a new 2-year, $34.25 million contract that made him the highest-earning TE in the NFL. While he is likely to play for a few more years, he is already expanding his resume and broadening his horizons for life after football. One notable venture is his foray into acting, with a role in a new FX TV horror series.

As per WKRN, “Grotesquerie,” a horror drama produced and directed by Ryan Murphy, is set to be released this fall and will feature Travis Kelce, Niecy Nash-Betts, Courtney B. Vance, and Leslie Manville. While talking about this series on ‘Nightcap,’ the star tight end couldn’t help but share his experience working with Murphy and his co-stars.

Kelce stated that it has been an enjoyable experience. He also revealed that everyone has been helping him transition into the acting world, and the show, “Grotesquerie,” has a distinctive concept. While he doesn’t know how much screen time he will get, Travis is taking one step at a time and is just trying to do his part as efficiently as he can.

Travis even asserted that one thing he learned was how to get involved in a scene without caring much about the dialogue. All in all, it has been a fun challenge for Travis to work with Ryan Murphy, who has quite a pedigree in Hollywood.

“It’s been so much fun. Ryan Murphy is an unbelievable writer, director and producer,” Kelce said. “Everybody has been helpful in making me feel comfortable. It is such a cool and unique show. Right now I am just taking scene by scene. It’s been fun jumping into things. That was such a big part of it. I was kind of blown away and shocked that he was willing to give me a role like this because it is a big role in the show. He seemed very confident that I can do this.”

Interestingly, while talking about his new venture, Jason also reminded Travis about his work with another Hollywood big wig.

Jason Kelce Remembers Working With John C. Riley

While Travis is getting a whole new experience working on sets on Grotesquerie, Jason reminded him of the time the Chiefs’ tight end worked with John C. Riley on ‘Moonbase 8’ and asked him the difference between the two different projects.

The three-time Super Bowl winner asserted that working with Riley on ‘Moonbase 8’ was a completely distinct feeling and atmosphere. It was a purely humorous and drooling experience for Travis, and he had to control himself from laughing while doing the scenes. It was undoubtedly a bracing experience, but Travis stressed that the two projects are quite different.

While Travis Kelce is venturing into the world of Hollywood, Jason too has been busy with his life and just replaced Robert Griffin III on ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, inking a multi-year deal. Seems like his post-football journey as a father, podcaster, and now an analyst is going smoothly.

Both brothers have been breaking barriers away from football, and there is no doubt they will excel in their upcoming endeavors just like they did on the field.

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