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“I’m Clearly Not on Steroids”: Jason Kelce Shuts Down Fan’s ‘Juicing’ Question

Nidheesh Kumar

Jason Kelce

A vocal Jason Kelce was at his natural best on Thursday when he offered a viral response to a tricky query posed by a fan on X (formerly Twitter). Interestingly, the question referenced an opinion made by Travis’s big brother in the New Heights Podcast. And it featured one of the greatest racehorses of all time, Secretariat. 

In the episode which was released on Wednesday, Jason made a strong comment. He quipped that Secretariat was ‘juiced’ to the gills in the past. Jason added the racehorse existed at the heart of the steroid era. To put it in perspective, the former NFL star questioned the success of America’s beloved horse when the Kelce brothers discussed the Secretariat’s record-breaking run in 1973.

The fact that Jason indirectly questioned Secretariat’s credentials did not impress a fan. As a result, he posed a question on X that no athlete would love to address. The fan with the ID NotebookPicksByEddieC asked when Jason started ‘juicing’. 

The comment made some noise on social media, and Jason Kelce responded to it in quick time. A brutally honest Jason recalled his run at the Autism 5k Charity event. He added that those who watched him at that event would know that he was not on steroids.

Here is his response. 

Jason’s bold assertion hinted that he was not interested in any debates about the racehorse. This is probably because he already made his stand clear. And he is not interested in kick-starting a controversy, 35 years after the horse’s death. 

Notably, Jason maintained his composure in his response. It helped to put a temporary close to what could have turned into an ugly meltdown. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Jason will take back his ‘juicy’ words about Secretariat in next week’s New Heights Podcast.

What Makes Secretariat Special? A Look Back At 1973 Triple Crown Winner

One of the most beloved racehorses in history, Secretariat captured attention after a landmark year in 1973, when he was just 3 years old. He won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes, to set a special record of being a Triple Crown winner. Nicknamed Big Red, Secretariat was owned by Penny Chenery.

Unfortunately, Secretariat was put down in 1989 because of laminitis. During his necropsy, it was discovered that Secretariat’s heart was at least twice bigger than the average heart of a horse, which was nine pounds.

The 19-year-old Secretariat is now a 70s memory. But Jason Kelce’s comments have regenerated sudden interest among fans to revisit his journey.

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Nidheesh Kumar


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