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“I’m Raising Kings and Queens”: Cam Newton Surprises Shannon Sharpe After Revealing His Family Plans


Cam Newton Baby Mothers: How Many Kids Does the Former Panthers QB Have & Who Is His Current Partner?

With eight children already on the roster, one would believe Cam Newton is off the baby train. Apparently not. The former quarterback wants more children. After recently welcoming his eighth child, Newton plans to continue building his ‘Six Flags’ army of children.

Joining Shannon Sharpe on his podcast ‘Club Shay Shay,’ Newton blew Sharpe’s mind with his plan of having more kids and aspirations of having a large family. Hitting back at criticisms of people who think he has way too many children, Newton said,

“I take care of my kids. I always wanted a big family, I come from that. So, I want that. And I owe a due diligence to each woman who’s giving me that and I respect them the same… I owe a service to love them unconditionally…because we have to co-parent.”


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Newton has eight children, including two adopted children, with three women. The former quarterback shares five kids with ex-fiancée Kia Proctor: Chosen Sebastian, Sovereign-Dior, Camidas, Cashmere, and Shakira from Proctor’s previous relationship. He shares two children with Newton  La Reina Shaw, Caesar, and her son Jaden from a prior relationship. Newton raised the children from his baby mamas’ previous relationships as his own, and doesn’t like using the word “step-children.” He told Shannon Sharpe,

“I don’t believe in step children. What my biological kids get, everybody get. I don’t have no favorites. I’m raising kings and queens.”

His latest child was born to his current girlfriend comedian Jasmin Brown, whom he has been dating since 2021. For Sharpe, who only has three daughters, 8 is rightfully quite a heavy number as he was left flabbergasted at Newton’s wish to keep having more progeny.

Cam Newton is a Hands-on Father

Despite having his hands full with a podcast, and coaching business, Cam Newton apparently makes time for all of his eight children, calling himself “hands-on.” According to him, he goes to all their events and practices and shows up as a father, unlike many parents today.

Talking about how he was raised, Newton divulged details of being raised in a strict three-person household, something he wants the parents of this generation to emulate. According to Newton, parents just aren’t strict enough with their children these days, letting them get away with loose rules. All things considered, Cam Newton seems to be doing pretty well as a father.

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