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“I’m Sorry Greg”: Drop From $10 Million to $3 Million in One Year Has Shannon Sharpe Feeling Bad for Fellow TE

Ayush Juneja

“I’m Sorry Greg”: Drop From $10 Million to $3 Million in One Year Has Shannon Sharpe Feeling Bad for Fellow TE

Former NFL tight end Greg Olsen has earned a reputation as one of the best color commentators for the NFL on Fox. He has been lauded for effortlessly laying out all the game’s nuances for viewers. But the bigger chunk always goes to the biggest fish in the sea, which, for Fox, is now Tom Brady, who is set to replace the former Panthers man. However, much like many fans, Shannon Sharpe feels bad for his fellow tight end.

During the recent episode of ‘Nightcap’, Sharpe asserted that while he doesn’t listen to anyone when it comes to the game analysis or play-by-play commentary, he understands certain fans find it entertaining. He therefore sympathizes with Olsen for getting demoted despite doing a great job and going from making $10 million a year in 2023 to $3 million a year in 2024.

“But I promise you I’m not listening to anybody speak. Because I know what I’m looking for,” Sharpe said. “I’m sorry Greg. From what they tell me, he is a Tight End, and he is in the fraternity. He was doing a great job, but damn, 10 to 3 [million]?”

Nevertheless, the 7-time Super Bowl champ, Tom Brady, signed a 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox and will be taking over from Olsen, who is now being demoted to the B-team, where he will assist play-by-play announcer Joe Davis.

Interestingly, Sharpe also expressed during the podcast that, while he doesn’t care for play-by-play commentary and prefers to present his own opinions, he feels that commentators sometimes deceive fans by stating the obvious.

Shannon Sharpe Talks About Polarizing Commentator’s Trick

Shannon Sharpe feels the play-by-play callers and commentators trick the fans with their predictions. Fans love to hear the experts dissect the play or tell them what the team is going to do, but the former tight end believes these predictions are often quite obvious.

Anyone with a basic understanding of the game can do the same. For example, on a first down, a team will either run the ball or pass it. It’s not like punting is an option at first, second, or third down.

Nonetheless, Olsen still has a chance to show that he can perform at the highest level. And if he turns a few heads, it won’t be long before another media giant brings him on to call games. Meanwhile, although Tom has no experience in this area, there is nothing he can’t do, given his dedication and the push to become the best version of himself. He also comes with great knowledge of the game and a pedigree that no one can match.

TB12 will get to call his first game when the Browns take on the Cowboys on the 9th of September and will assist Kevin Burkhardt. It will surely be interesting to see how he fares in that booth because not everyone, no matter how great they were on the field, can excel there. Joe Montana tried that years ago but didn’t do a very convincing job.

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