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Is Graham Walker Related to Patrick Mahomes? Meet the College Football Star WR Eyeing the NFL Draft

Yagya Bhargava

Is Graham Walker Related to Patrick Mahomes? Meet the College Football Star WR Eyeing the NFL Draft

While Patrick Mahomes’ meteoric rise is all the rage in the NFL right now, football fans might want to keep an eye on an intriguing figure – Graham Walker, the Kansas City quarterback’s half-brother, quietly carving his own path to NFL glory. While many are familiar with Jackson and Mia Mahomes, Walker’s existence has largely flown under the radar, a deliberate choice to forge his own identity beyond the family’s blinding stardom.

Though sharing the athletic pedigree of Pat Mahomes Sr., Graham was raised by Jessamyn Walker and Gerry Howatt. Yet, the gridiron called to him, and he heeded its siren song at Brown University, where he spent three productive seasons honing his craft as a wide receiver.

Initially drawn to the Ivy League institution for its balance of academic rigor and athletic excellence, Graham Walker’s on-field exploits quickly overshadowed his philosophical pursuits.

After a lost 2020 campaign due to COVID-19, he erupted in 2021, leading all Ivy League rookies in receptions, yards, and touchdowns, punctuated by a pair of 100-yard outings that foreshadowed greater glories ahead.

The 2022 season only solidified Walker’s reputation, as he bagged 28 catches for 292 yards and three touchdowns, averaging an impressive 41.7 yards per game. With nearly 1,500 career receiving yards and 15 touchdowns under his belt, the stage was set for his ultimate leap – a transfer to Rice University, where he could fully dedicate himself to his NFL aspirations.

As Walker prepares to take center stage, the family’s optimism is palpable. Pat Mahomes Sr., no stranger to the heights his son Patrick has scaled, believes Walker possesses the indomitable spirit to “do whatever it takes to play at the next level.”

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Shares Insights About His Son, Graham Walker

Earlier this year, during the Kansas City Chiefs‘ AFC wildcard game against the Dolphins, Patrick Mahomes Sr. shared a little-known part of his family’s story: his third son, Graham Walker. Although Mahomes Sr. and Walker’s relationship isn’t the typical father-son bond, they’ve maintained some level of contact.

They say he’s the one who looks most like me, but maybe the other boys will disagree a little bit, but he’s definitely a Mahomes,” said Mahomes Sr. in an interview with Fox 4 KC. “He’s a little bit more laid back than the others. Stays away from the spotlight and goes out and grinds and works. But a very impressive young man.

Mahomes Sr. also praised Walker’s upbringing, acknowledging the efforts of Walker’s stepdad and mom. Now, Mahomes Sr. is excited to be more involved in his life.

Recognizing his potential for an NFL career, Walker is eager to explore every opportunity to make it happen. Mahomes Sr. added, “(He’ll take) whatever road that leads to try to give himself a chance to play at the next level like we all want to.”

With his laid-back demeanor and determination, Graham Walker is on a journey to carve out his own path in the NFL, under the watchful and proud eye of his father, Patrick Mahomes Sr.

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