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Is Joe Burrow Moving to Hollywood? Bengals QB Offers The Perfect Response

Aditya Rajput

“Backless Suits Are In”: Joe Burrow Backs His Odd Fashion Choice In Paris Fashion Week

Before getting into the hectic schedule of practice and prep, Joe Burrow made a jaw-dropping appearance at the Paris Fashion Week. The Bengals QB even walked the runway. And as he appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast, he spoke about his intriguing outfit and the kind of reactions he got from his friends and teammates.

While on the podcast, the hosts asked the QB about his experience in Paris and what it might mean. There were jokes about how Burrow, like many other NFL players, “went Hollywood” during his offseason. However, the QB wasn’t alone as he went on to explore Paris’s fashion week.

He was accompanied by his former college teammate and NFL WR, Justin Jefferson. As he spoke about his experience on the podcast he also responded to the hosts playfully asking him about going Hollywood. The QB retorted and said,

“I went Hollywood for a week, and now it’s time to lock in for football. So I think I’m allowed one week of Hollywood.” 

And the QB certainly did turn Hollywood for a week there. While in Paris, Burrow walked on the runway in the Vogue World 2024. The QB has previously spoken about how he’s always wanted to understand clothes and fashion. This opportunity with Vogue in Paris was the perfect time for him to learn more about the fashion industry and clothes in general.

Moreover, Burrow’s actual outfit was a clear indicator that he truly did step out of his comfort zone to embrace fashion. The QB took to the runway in a truly innovative outfit. He was seen wearing a backless man’s suit during his walk. As he discussed the outfit on the podcast, he explained how he got roasted by the group chat for his outfit.

Joe Burrow and the Backless Suit: A Roast Story

While he confidently walked into the Paris show, the QB opened up about the kind of ridicule he faced from his friends. While the hosts of the podcasts seemed to be supportive, Burrow spoke about how his friends tore into him. He said,

“I’ve been roasted in just about every group chat I could possibly be roasted in. But I did look cool.”

However, despite the roasting, Burrow felt comfortable in the outfit. He was ready for any criticism that came his way. In fact, the hosts of the podcasts themselves spoke about how they were ready to defend Burrow’s fashion choices.

The QB made it clear that Paris was truly an enjoyable time for him. However, Burrow clarified that while he might have gone Hollywood, he was now ready and locked in for the football season.

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