Is Peyton Manning the Greatest No. 1 Pick in NFL History? Fans Collide on Twitter as the “Best Numero Uno Pick” Debate Heats Up

Shubham Bhargav
|Published 19/03/2023

The absolute best college football star gets to take the numero uno spot at the NFL draft every year. However, on many occasions, the one star who comes into the competition with the No. 1 draft pick tag on his back, ends up crumbling under pressure.

Right from former Bengals’ RB Ki-Jana-Carter who was the first overall pick in 1995, to the 2002 first overall selection David Carr, innumerable numero uno picks over the years have failed to make an impression on the big stage.

Peyton Manning is probably the greatest No. 1 overall pick in NFL history

However, there are many #1 picks who not only lived up to the hype with which they came into the competition, but also ended up becoming the poster boys of the league. One such star is legendary QB Peyton Manning. The 6 ft 5 in tall superstar QB started his NFL journey with the Indianapolis Colts back in 1998 after churning out astounding numbers for the Tennessee Volunteers.

The 1998 first overall pick went on to create numerous record in the league. The two time Super Bowl champion, who was named the league MVP on record 5 occasions, established himself as one of the most intelligent QBs of all time. The 14x Pro Bowler, who was also named the NFL offensive player of the year on two occasions, makes a very strong case for the top spot on the list of greatest #1 overall picks in the competition.

However, several fans on Twitter reckon that Bruce Smith deserves the top spot. The 2x Defensive Player of the Year is the all time leader in NFL sacks. Moreover, a few admirers of the game also recently posted that John Elway and Andrew Luck deserve the top spot.

Some even advocated for Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Bednarik. While all these stars are undoubtedly among the greats of the game, by looking at the sheer number of records Manning broke, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the “Omaha” shouting QB deserves the top spot on the list of greatest no. 1 picks of all time.

Tom Brady wasn’t a No. 1 overall pick, but is surely the greatest ever

Moreover, on SNFonNBC’s recent Twitter post about the greatest No. 1 overall pick, a few fans strongly opined that Tom Brady deserves the top spot. After all, he has won more Super Bowl titles than any single franchise in NFL history. However, those Brady lovers forgot that the GOAT QB was not the no. 1 pick during the 2000 draft.

In fact, Brady was selected with pick number 199. He was a sixth round pick and hardly had any hype behind him while entering into the competition. However, the champion quarterback defied all expectations and achieved what no one has ever been able to. With 7 Super Bowl titles, 23 rollicking seasons, and 5x Super Bowl MVP honors, Brady is the finest ever. However, as football enthusiasts, we would like to see someone break his record in the years to come.

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