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“It Put Me in Tears”: Deion Sanders Reminisces the Time His Mates Applauded Him, After he Showed Up to Play Two Sports in One Day

Prasenjeet Singh

"It Put Me in Tears": Deion Sanders Reminisces the Time His Mates Applauded Him, After he Showed Up to Play Two Sports in One Day

Deion Sanders has conquered every turf in his eventful life. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that as a professional player, he used to play in both, the NFL and the MLB. Moreover, recently, Coach Prime reminisced about the time he got emotional upon receiving an applause from his mates, when he once showed up for playing two sports in a single day.

In a chat with Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report, Deion Sanders recalled the moment he had to rush to play with the Braves soon after his NFL game in Miami in 1992. He revealed that just being there with his teammates put him in tears for all the love and support that he received for his efforts.

Coach Prime Reflects on One of the Most Touching Moment of His Playing Career

Deion Sanders recently shared an emotional recollection of the time he juggled playing two sports in one day. It was during a playoff game, an extra commitment as his contract with the Braves had ended after the season. Reflecting on the same, he said to Rooks from Bleacher Report,

“I had a football contract that I had to uphold. I was just going over there just to help my teammate. I should have been playing football the whole time. So, I’m sitting on the bench for nine innings, and I’m sitting up there trying to reconcile in my mind – ‘This ain’t right’. My guys getting ready to go play Dan Marino and all those wonderful receivers and I’m sitting on a bench for nine innings.”

Sanders was surely not happy with being on the bench for the Braves. He knew that they wouldn’t play him and his mind was clearly on football. He shared, “That ain’t right. So I said – ‘I gotta go, I got to play with my guys’. So, they made transportation, and I was able to get there and get back well before the game was going to start”. He continued,

“I actually didn’t play two sports on the same day. I showed up to two and played in one. We lost but we probably would have lost that much more than we lost by with the Falcons, but just being there for my team was everything to me. It put me in tears. When I got on that bus that next morning they applauded and that broke me. That was one of the most touching moments I’ve ever had in sports”

There’s a lot love about Deion Sanders. No wonder, Sanders went the extra mile to play in MLB and then run back to football. Whether it’s his personality or his way of talking or telling things, Coach Prime just always gives off those inspirational vibes.

Deion Sanders Juggled Between the NFL and the MLB

Coach Prime is often referred to as one of the greatest two-sport athletes. His extraordinary sporting career spanned 14 seasons in the NFL and nine seasons in Major League Baseball. During the 1989 draft, the Atlanta Falcons had selected him as the fifth overall. Sanders ran a 4.20 and 4.29 at that year’s NFL combine.

While Deion’s talent in baseball was undeniable, he always considered football his true calling. By the time he retired from the NFL in 2006 after having a forgettable stint with the Baltimore Ravens, Deion had achieved six Pro Bowl selections and earned 2 Super Bowl victories.

Sanders was ultimately inducted into the Football Hall of Fame in 2011. His legacy as a two-sport icon will always stayed etched in the memory of true sports lovers. Throughout his career, Sanders displayed incredible athleticism and dedication to both sports. His ability to excel in two pro leagues speaks volumes about his professionalism and how much he valued his teammates.

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