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“It’s Clickbaity”: Julian Edelman Disappointed by Bill Belichick’s Inaccurate Portrayal in ‘The Dynasty’

Yagya Bhargava

"It's Clickbaity": Julian Edelman Disappointed by Bill Belichick's Inaccurate Portrayal in 'The Dynasty’

Apple TV+ has dropped a 10-part docuseries titled “The Dynasty,” giving viewers an insider look into the Patriots’ dominant era from 2000-20. While it’s packed with juicy behind-the-scenes footage and novel perspectives, it also casts a clear villain: Bill Belichick. Even “Games with Names” host Julian Edelman and his guest Ty Law recently expressed their discontent with the portrayal of Coach Belichick by the producers.

During their conversation, Edelman and Law, both former Patriots and members of the All-Dynasty team, struggled to digest the fact that New England’s iconic coach was shown as the series’ antagonist. They revealed they’d poured their hearts out in lengthy four-hour interviews for the docuseries, only to find themselves featured in mere slides. Probably, their refusal to badmouth Bill Belichick didn’t align with the producers’ vision.

I mean it’s Hollywood, Right? You know, it’s clickbaity. It’s one of those things where it’s gonna grab attention, people are gonna watch it and you know, I tip my cap to the people that made it because people are talking about it, we’re talking about it.” Julian Edelman added.

While Julian Edelman and Ty Law maintained a politically correct tone discussing “The Dynasty,” their discontent with the series’ over-drama was palpable. The series doesn’t hold back punches, especially when it comes to the former head coach. Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski openly criticized Belichick, accusing him of making players’ lives miserable.

The docuseries doesn’t shy away from highlighting controversial moments like “Spygate,” Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl benching, and Belichick’s public support for Donald Trump before the 2016 elections. It is even visible in the somber music that comes on every time Bill Belichick comes into the frame.

Former Teammates Defend Coach Bill Belichick

Former New England stars Devin McCourty and Rodney Harrison also came forward to defend their former head coach amidst the controversy surrounding “The Dynasty” series. Rodney Harrison shared McCourty’s frustration, noting the documentary’s inaccuracies. He pointed out the absence of key stories, like his arrival and Corey Dillon’s impact, despite the lengthy interviews.

I mean I interviewed for five or six hours I was in New York and all they had me saying was, ‘F*** ’em all, f*** ’em all’. Like, that’s it.” Harrison added. While McCourty felt misled by the show’s narrative, “I felt like I got kinda duped. I thought this was going to be great the storytelling,…, they only hit anything that was negative.”

Bill Belichick served as the New England Patriots head coach for an impressive 24 years and boasts a remarkable record of 266 regular season wins. He retired just 26-win shy of surpassing Don Shula’s legendary record of 328 wins. The franchise took a downturn after Tom Brady left, but does that justify painting him as a villain during the years of glory?

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