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“It’s Just an Aaron Rodgers Type of Ploy”: LeBron James Accused of Unnecessarily Hogging the Limelight With His Retirement Comments

Deepesh Nair

"It's Just an Aaron Rodgers Type of Ploy": LeBron James Accused of Unnecessarily Hogging the Limelight With His Retirement Comments

LeBron James sent shockwaves across the internet after making cryptic comments about contemplating his future plans following a 113-111 loss against the Denver Nuggets on Monday. It made analysts think that he is considering retirement and might bid adieu to his illustrious career ahead of the 2023–24 season. However, several netizens are not buying into this narrative as they believe it is just a ploy similar to what Aaron Rodgers ladopted to get his demands fulfilled.

This offseason, the former Packers quarterback made the smart move of finding a new home in New York. Ever since Super Bowl LVII wrapped, he sparked rumors of a possible relocation after playing for 18 years in Green Bay. He then sparked retirement rumors after returning from his “darkness retreat”. But then all of a sudden, Aaron changed his mind and decided to represent a different side. Finally, he ended signing with the Jets and got his wish fulfilled. NBA fans are opining King James is devising a similar tactic to get his demands fulfilled before the next season begins.

LeBron James scares the entire sports fraternity

The Lakers legend is 38, and still going strong, competing with some of the best players in the world. Looking at his current mobility, the veteran can surely play for a couple of more years, and there won’t be any apprehensions regarding his skill sets. But he made an unprecedented announcement on Monday following a heartbreaking loss in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals.

“I got a lot to think about,” James said in the post-game press conference, per Bleacher Report. “Just personally, with me moving forward with the game of basketball, I got a lot to think about,” he added. These comments instantly spread like wildfire across the internet, with plenty of fan theories emerging in this regard.

One of the most prevalent theories suggests that James is imitating Rodgers’ bluff in his own arena. “It’s just another Aaron Rodgers type of ploy to keep the spotlight on him,” said one of the fans.

Widely regarded as one of the greats of the game, the veteran has four MVP and and as many NBA final MVP awards. This season, he has averaged 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game and now leads the tally in all-time lead scorers, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Is King James seriously considering retirement at this point?

For the last couple of seasons, LeBron has made headlines for vouching for his son, Bronny James, and catalyzing his journey into the NBA. He had revealed his desire to play alongside him, which is why, it is hard to imagine James quitting the basketball arena anytime soon.

Another theory is that the retirement talk might be a way of leading the Lakers into acquiring talented stars like Kyrie Irving. Surely, LeBron wants to end his playing career in grand style, and what could be a more appropriate choice than bidding adieu after winning a championship? As this is a developing story, readers can stay tuned for more updates.

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