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Jason Kelce Almost “Bust Up His A*s” During Wrestlemania, Highlights Eagles’ Lane Johnson

Utsav Khanna

Jason Kelce Reveals Heartfelt Reason for Assisting Rey Mysterio Over Son Dom at WrestleMania 40

Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson surprised the entire Philly crowd by entering Wrestlemania 40 as Luchador-masked pro wrestlers. The job was to save Rey Mysterio and Andrade during a matchup on Pro-Wrestling’s biggest night of the year. Rey was under the threat of a steel chair attack from his son, Dominik Mysterio. But there came the savior of the night, two “meaty” luchador-masked NFL athletes, and it was surely one of the highlights of the entire night.

But it was something else that caught Lane Johnson’s attention when he appeared on the Pat McAfee Show after Wrestlemania (night one). While explaining the difficulties he had to go through to fulfill his wrestling duties, Johnson rewatched his spot from the mega night. During this rewatch, he caught a moment where Kelce almost fell while coming down from the corner ropes.

Lane Johnson nudged McAfee, “Aye, aye, you gotta should see this, man. It was close.” To which McAfee replies with a question, “Close to what?” And Johnson quickly retorts, “Busting his a*s”. And if you look closely, Johnson is not wrong. Kelce, who weighs 280 pounds, jumps down from the second rope, but his hand is still held by Mysterio in the air, so there’s a delay between his jump and when Mysterio leaves his hand; it results in a jumpscare for Kelce, who might’ve had to pull a really embarrassment-filled improvisation during Wrestlemania Live. Although McAfee notes that Kelce was just feeling himself and even “jumped over the top of the rope.” 

And his partner in crime, during their Eagles days, and even on this historical night, Lane Johnson was ready to point out where his senior O-lineman almost faltered. And having been together in the huddle for years, there was more to be said than just giggles.

Lane Johnson Grieves Jason Kelce’s Loss to the Eagles

Johnson and Jason Kelce have been playing together for more than half a decade, and have really formed an integral connection. Talking about the changes Kelce’s absence creates, the Philly OT said, Jason Kelce was my tag team jump the snap count partner for years… It’s gonna be an interesting year and we’re gonna have a new cadence.” And that means more penalties for early starts and no Jason Kelce to save him.

The Super Bowl-winning OT acknowledged that with Fletcher Cox and Kelce leaving, very few players from the Lombardi-clinching, Nick Foles-led Eagles are left on the roster. However, he did note that some of the players they have added as replacements offer exciting potential. And thus, the Eagles hope to have a big year this season.

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Utsav Khanna


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