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Jason Kelce Claims Messi Playing for the MLS Is Nowhere Near His Other Stints

Anushree Gupta

Jason Kelce Claims Messi Playing for the MLS Is Nowhere Near His Other Stints

Lionel Messi’s presence at Arrowhead Stadium visibly thrilled Travis Kelce on the “New Heights Podcast.” Jason Kelce, however, wasn’t on the same page. He delivered a swift reality check for the younger Kelce, asserting Messi’s time with Inter Miami doesn’t measure up to his time with Barcelona.

For any soccer aficionado, Lionel Messi and Barcelona have remained synonymous for 17 years, or since Messi was only 13. His first jump to PSG in 2021 and then to Inter Miami has affected fan sentiments immensely, splitting their allegiance with heavy hearts. A similar opinion came from Jason Kelce, who thinks Messi’s inclusion in Inter Miami doesn’t evoke the same awe.

“Seeing Messi play with Miami is not the same as seeing Messi play for Barcelona or at the world stage of the World Cup,” reflected Jason.

Though a harsh comment on Inter Miami fans’ euphoria, Jason Kelce further presented an analogy to support his argument. “Seeing Michael Jordan on a golf course is not like seeing Michael Jordan in a Bulls uniform, alright?” quipped the former Eagles center.

But fans in the US have treated LM10 fairly, especially at Arrowhead, with a record attendance of 72,610—the highest in Missouri’s soccer history. Yet, like any soccer lover like Jason, watching Messi claim the World Cup was an ethereal experience, which cannot be compared to his time at American soccer.

Jason Kelce Reminisces Lionel Messi’s FIFA World Cup Victory

Jason believes that Messi’s entry into American soccer is great but not as important as when he played in Argentina, a country that holds the sport much closer to its heart. Thus, in his view, the 2022 FIFA World Cup win with the country cheering for him stands above any experience.

“I just think it [Messi in Miami] is nowhere near when he scores a goal for Argentina and the entire country is erupting in cheers because it means more to Argentina than any other sport on the planet,” claimed Kelce.

And it was indeed amazing to watch Lionel Messi kiss the World Cup trophy after Argentina delivered a blow to France in Qatar. But for what it’s worth, every player has a trajectory, and change is only inevitable. Though it might not be as legendary for Jason Kelce to watch Messi with Inter Miami, international events like Copa America 2024 await the soccer legend, even offering a chance to participate in the Paris Olympics.

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