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Jason Kelce Job Update: ESPN’s New Hire Already Creating Commotion, Reveals Adam Schefter

Yagya Bhargava

Jason Kelce Job Update: ESPN's New Hire Already Creating Commotion, Reveals Adam Schefter

Jason Kelce’s arrival at ESPN has generated an unimaginable level of buzz behind the scenes. When the network announced Jason was joining the Monday Night Countdown crew, it triggered a frenzy unlike anything the network had seen before. At least, that’s according to Adam Schefter’s account.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Schefter revealed he’s witnessed numerous big-name talents join ESPN’s NFL broadcasting teams over the years – from Troy Aikman and Steve Young to Ray Lewis. However, sources told the veteran insider that the commotion surrounding Kelce’s arrival eclipsed them all.

ESPN’s hired a lot of great, talented former athletes and broadcasters, but they said to me that they’ve never seen more of a commotion around one particular individual than what was surrounding Jason Kelce.” Schefter said.

Couldn’t even remember more stuff, more of a circus around one guy,” Schefter repeated what the source said about the scene at ESPN when Jason Kelce was introduced. The normally composed reporter seemed almost giddy recounting the palpable energy.

It’s understandable why the former Eagles center has sparked such emotions. He is arguably the most universally beloved figure the NFL has produced in years, adored by fans across the league (except maybe in Dallas and New York). Moreover, Jason Kelce’s honest personality and candor indeed make him a natural fit for the spotlight.

And Kelce spilled a stirring insight for the viewers to tune in. He’s already teased the opportunity to mercilessly mock his brother Travis Kelce on national TV, something fans might eat up. This self-aware showmanship is precisely what ESPN coveted.

Expectations are sky-high for Jason Kelce to provide an immediate jolt to Monday Night Countdown’s viewership and ratings. Furthermore, if the excitement about his hiring is any indication, he has the potential to become an entertaining powerhouse, unlike anything ESPN has ever seen.

Jason Kelce is on a Streak, Stealing Hearts Everywhere

While Jason Kelce’s on-field exploits have made him a Philadelphia legend, it’s arguably his character off the gridiron that truly endears him to fans. Recent reports suggest the former Eagles center turned down delivering the commencement speech at Villanova University – all to avoid overshadowing his wife Kylie’s own scheduled address at her alma mater, Cabrini University.

A tweet noted Jason wanted Kylie to have her full moment to shine, without any potential interference or distraction:

While neither Jason, Kylie nor the universities have confirmed the story, the news resonated deeply with Jason’s admirers. “He never lets an opportunity pass to allow Kylie to shine,” one fan commented, capturing the overriding sentiment. Another praised Jason’s selfless support: “That’s a man who knows and sees and respects his wife as a person and best friend.”

The outpouring of love highlighted why Jason remains so universally adored, regardless of team allegiances. It’s a level of humility and devotion to ensuring his partner’s deserved recognition that has only amplified the immense affection fans feel toward Jason Kelce.

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