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Joe Burrow Aspires to Join Team USA for Flag Football in the 2028 Olympics

Aditya Rajput

Joe Burrow Aspires to Join Team USA for Flag Football in the 2028 Olympics

Although football fans have looked down upon flag football for the longest time, the recent sentiment has seemingly shifted. With players like Justin Jefferson and Tyreek Hill advocating for flag football, the game has been growing and it will take the big stage of the Summer Olympics in 2028.

Naturally, with flag football becoming so popular, players from the NFL have begun voicing out their willingness to play the sport. The latest in this list is Joe Burrow, who, in a recent interview, claimed he would love to represent the USA in 2028 through flag football.

While in an interview with Stagwell, Burrow was asked about flag football and his thoughts on it. The Bengals QB was excited about possibly playing the sport for his country, and even addressed the importance of it being included in the Olympics, saying,

“I think it’s exciting I think it’s going to be great for the game. Especially with the Olympics coming up having that there that would be exciting to play in that would be a lot of fun.”

At the same time, Burrow voiced his willingness to be the quarterback of the USA’s flag football team, and considering his skill level, any football team, flag or otherwise, would benefit from the QB at the helm. Still, the Bengals QB might encounter stiff competition here, as Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is also interested in representing the USA at flag football in 2028.

Joe Burrow’s contemporary also wants to play flag football

Patrick Mahomes, who is arguably the best quarterback in the league at this moment, has voiced his opinion on how playing flag football would be great for the sport. In fact, the 28-year-old believes that American football can widen its reach through Flag Football, and he even expressed this view in an interview with the Olympics, saying,

“I think it’s really cool because football is a great game that has given me so much and I want to make sure everyone gets the same experience that I got growing up.”

However, the three-time Super Bowl winner believes there might be some complications to him playing flag football. Although the 28-year-old has a great throwing arm, Mahomes is a little slower than other players. He also mentioned that he would be a little older than other players in 2028, which might act as an additional obstacle to his aspirations.

All in all, there is a bit of mixed emotion among the NFL fraternity about flag football. However, now that top NFL players like Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes have expressed their interest in the sport, the popularity will definitely increase.

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