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“Jordan Effect”: Cam Newton Chooses Tom Brady Over Patrick Mahomes Despite Unbeaten 2-0 Record

Yagya Bhargava

“Jordan Effect”: Cam Newton Chooses Tom Brady Over Patrick Mahomes Despite Unbeaten 2-0 Record

The age-old debate was reignited in a recent episode of Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay”: A last-minute situation on the field, who would you choose to lead your team to victory, Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes? It’s a question that sparks endless discussion among football fans. Especially considering Brady’s unparalleled legacy and Mahomes’ quest to carve out his own place in NFL history. However, former NFL MVP Cam Newton didn’t hesitate to voice his opinion on the matter during his appearance on the show.

Brady,” declared Cam Newton firmly. While acknowledging Patrick Mahomes’ talent, Newton reflected on his own experience facing Tom Brady during his time in New England. He vividly recalled the overwhelming impact Brady had on the game, instilling a sense of intimidation in opposing quarterbacks.

Newton stressed that Brady’s influence on the field was unmatched, whether surrounded by a stellar supporting cast or leading the charge single-handedly. Playing against legends like Brady and Mahomes always fuels a sense of urgency, knowing any lapse could result in the game slipping away. He said,

I mean it’s a lot. It’s almost like the Jordan effect, the LeBron effect, the Steph effect. These are great players and when you’re playing against them, you’ll be lying if you didn’t feel that impact to say, ‘oh shh**t’” Cam Newton added.

Despite holding a 2-0 winning record against Tom Brady, Cam Newton placed him above Patrick Mahomes due to his profound influence in the NFL. However, Shannon Sharpe offered a contrasting perspective on the debate.

Shannon Sharpe Picked Patrick Mahomes Over Tom Brady

The Hall of Famer tight end, Shannon Sharpe, believes in Patrick Mahomes’ prowess on the gridiron, even comparing him favorably to the consensus greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady.

Despite Brady’s unparalleled legacy, Sharpe sees Mahomes as a formidable challenger, thanks to his back-to-back Super Bowl victories and three in total at just 28 years old. Sharpe sees Mahomes as on par with legendary quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, John Elway, and Joe Montana. He added on ESPN’s “First Take”:

I’m taking Mahomes because he can do everything Brady can do and more. Because of his legs [and] his ability. We’ve seen it time and time again.” He added, “We saw him time and time again get himself out of harm’s way.”

“The way he can change arm angles. The way he can throw the ball, roll left, roll right, throw the ball with accuracy and throw the ball over the top of your head. We’re talking in the first seven seasons, the guy is 70 touchdowns ahead of Brady.”

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Brady and Mahomes crashed twice in the postseason before Brady retired in February. Brady emerged victorious in both encounters, defeating Mahomes in the AFC Championship Game in January 2019 and later winning over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

While Mahomes has already carved out an impressive career, matching Brady’s longevity and sustained performance over two decades remains to be seen.

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