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“Kanye West wants Antonio Brown to link up with him in the studio”: Hip-Hop icon and his new boo Julia Fox went to dinner with former Bucs wide receiver, Justin LaBoy reveals Kanye wants AB

Ashish Priyadarshi

Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown may not have a future in the NFL, but if hip-hop icon Kanye West has his way, we could see AB producing in the studio, making bars of his own.

By now, we’re all extremely familiar with everything that has taken place since the Buccaneers played last week. In a fit of rage or anger, Brown walked off the field against the New York Jets in the middle of the game with no apparent explanation.

Later Brown came out and said that he left because the Buccaneers coaches, particularly Bruce Arians, were forcing him to play through injury. Brown had apparently mentioned he was dealing with an ankle injury to Arians several times before the Jets game, and according him to BA paid no attention to his condition. However, Arians has denied all these claims, saying Brown’s walk-off had nothing to do with his ankle, and instead Brown was complaining about not being targetted like a no. 1 receiver.

Brown followed up that move with a whole rant against the Buccaneers organization, where he called out Brady too. You can watch part of that rant up there and the rest here.

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Kanye West invites Antonio Brown to join him in the studio

In an episode of apped in Daily chat with Kazeem Famuyide and Ashley Nicole Moss on Clubhouse Friday, American media personality Justin LaBoy hyped up Antonio Brown while also mentioning how hip-icon Kanye West wanted AB to join him in the studio.

“AB listen man, ‘til another team pick you up you gotta pull up to the studio man,” LaBoy detailed. “Me and Ye working, and Ye want you to pull up, man. … Ye’s another advocate for mental health and equality everywhere, so, I’m excited about bringing both of them together.”

Antonio Brown was also sighted at a dinner with Kanye West and his new date Julia Fox in LA at Craig’s Monday Night. There’s no word of what the trio talked about, but you can only imagine what kind of conversations took place.

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