“Kyle Shanahan lied to America just now”: Stephen A Smith slams 49ers HC for post-game support of Jimmy Garoppolo

Arth Chandra
|Published 31/01/2022

Kyle Shanahan said he loves coaching Jimmy G after the 49ers heartbreaking loss to the Rams. And Stephen A Smith was not having it.

Jimmy Garoppolo had a decent game for the majority of the NFL Championship game against the Rams but crumbled in the 4th quarter once again. But an unlikely playoff run, and it possibly being his last game with the 49ers Kyle Shanahan had high praise for his QB.

“I love Jimmy. I’m not going to sit here and make a farewell statement or anything right now, that’s the last stuff on my mind,” Shanahan said after Sunday’s loss. “But Jimmy has battled his (expletive) off. He battled today. And he did some unbelievable things today and I love coaching Jimmy.””I don’t think he could have done anything else,” Shanahan said. “On the first down he went to the right spot.”

“We got the ball tipped. On the second down, they manned everyone up and he tried to throw it away to the flat and, unfortunately, we lost three yards on it. Third-and-13, it just looked like Aaron (Donald) got in there fast and tried to break away, and tried not to take a sack to make it fourth-and-20 or whatever it would have been. And that happens.”

Stephen A Smith blasted Kyle Shanahan for lying

The 49ers traded up in last years draft to select QB Trey Lance to be the future of their franchise. This left Jimmy Garoppolo with a job with no future. So after Kyle Shanahan’s comments about the QB, Stephen A was not happy.

“Kyle Shanahan just lied to America just now. You don’t love coaching Jimmy G. Stop lying. You’re lying. Okay?! You’re lying, but I say that because I’ve grown to become a huge fan of Kyle Shanahan. That man is one hell of a coach. He really, really is. He is something special. And he said what he’s supposed to say because he’s your quarterback until he’s not, and you’re trying to protect him. But he lied to you, America. He lied. Kyle Shanahan lied his behind off.”

Jimmy G has a remarkable 35-16 record as the starter of the 49ers. But a lot of that is leaning on a strong run game and a stellar defence. But Sunday night was proof that when the game is on the line, Garopollo is not the answer for the 49ers. The future will be interesting to foolow for the 49ers and Jimmy G.


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