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“I was heartbroken”: Lamar Jackson opens about getting COVID-19 again and not getting the vaccine

Arth Chandra
|Mon Aug 09 2021

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens had a great 2020 season, but his season was filled with up and downs, including having to battle COVID-19. However, despite having experienced the virus twice, Lamar Jackson doesn’t intend on getting the vaccine just yet.

The NFL is expected to have NFL games at full capacity. While the NFL can’t control fans and external forces, they can control their teams and players. Therefore, they released a memo dictating what could happen if players don’t vaccinate themselves.

Last year, the NFL repeatedly had to reschedule games due to Covid outbreaks within teams, but this is something they won’t be doing this year. As a result, the team responsible for the Covid outbreak may have to forfeit the game entirely.

However, Jackson is noncommittal on whether he would get vaccinated after being infected with COVID-19 twice in the past eight months, saying it was a “personal decision.”

Lamar Jackson opened up about his 2nd bout with Covid-19

Lamar Jackson was asked about his thoughts on getting the vaccine in a press conference after Monday’s practice.

“I just got off the COVID list,” Jackson said. “I got to talk to my team about this and see how they feel about it. Keep learning as much as I can about it. We’ll go from there. We’ll see. Talking to the doctors. We’ll see.”

Jackson returned to training camp Saturday after missing 10 days, the NFL-mandated quarantine for unvaccinated players who test positive. Lamar was also asked why he would not get the vaccine despite the competitive advantages it brings to the Ravens.

“I feel it’s a personal decision,” Jackson said. “I’m just going to keep my feelings to my family and myself. I’m focused on getting better right now. I can’t dwell on that right now … how everybody else feels. Just trying to get back to the right routine.”

Asked about his reaction when he found out he had tested positive a second time, Jackson mouthed some words angrily and waved his arms in disgust.

“What the … again?” Jackson said, cracking a smile. “It was crazy. I was heartbroken. I wasn’t looking forward to that at all. Right before camp … not again, not right now. But I’m taking it day by day right now,” he said. “I’m just glad to be back. I’m just glad to be back with my guys.”

Lamar Jackson tested positive for the virus last November and missed 1 game. And should he get the virus a third time, he might cost the Baltimore Ravens a game, which could be crucial in the already tough AFC North. So it will be interesting to see Jackson changes his mind on the vaccine.


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