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“McDaniels Ruined Him”: Raider Nation Responds to WR Hunter Renfrow Being Released to Clear $13.7 Million in Salary Cap

Anushree Gupta

"McDaniels Ruined Him": Raider Nation Responds to WR Hunter Renfrow Being Released to Clear $13.7 Million in Salary Cap

The Las Vegas Raiders have moved on from Josh McDaniels who got fired at the beginning of Nov. 2023. However, they are now making crucial decisions spearheaded by Mark Davis to overhaul their team ahead of the NFL Draft. In a shocking remake, the Raiders have announced the release of wide receiver Hunter Renfrow, as per Ian Rapoport. Although it might be aimed at clearing $13.7 million in salary cap space, the move sent shockwaves through supporters.

Hunter Renfrow’s departure comes after the conclusion of a season that had the Raiders’ offense fall to shreds. Renfrow had a two-year extension worth $32 million after his Pro Bowl nod and 1038-yard and 9-touchdown performance in 2021. However, the extension proved to be as subpar as the Raiders’ offense with 585 receiving yards in two years.

Most fans blamed Josh McDaniels who shared his tenure as the Raiders head coach with Renfrow’s extended deal for the wideout’s downfall. One fan, in particular, fired a straight shot, commenting, “McDaniels ruined him”.

Others had unfiltered reactions to Renfrow’s departure, wishing him better for his future endeavors. Notably, a few of these also came from Raiders fans. Additionally, a few voices also showcased support for the Raiders, who might need the $8.21 million cap space ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft. Take a look at these reactions:

For the Raiders, the decision to part ways with McDaniels and Ziegler was not solely based on the team’s win-loss record. They still have Meyers, Tre Tucker, and Devante Adams who would be guided under an updated regimen of Luke Getsy.

What’s in Store for Hunter Renfrow in 2024?

Hunter Renfrow is known for his route-running abilities as well as his reliability on the third downs. Though his release and two-year stats paint a gloomy picture, he is an amazing choice for those who look to gain a wideout with just one drop in the last year. Therefore, Hunter Renfrow presents a great option for a team that would like to gain a one-year deal, on a relatively lower price to save their cap space while strengthening the O-line.

Any teams who prefer to bring him on board should consider the chaotic quarterback situation in the Las Vegas roster. His veteran status makes him attractive to teams like the New Orleans Saints, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Carolina Panthers. He might even be a great fit for the New England Patriots, who need to use their initial pick to gain a quarterback.

As Hunter Renfrow heads towards free agency, he is expected to make some waves. On the other hand, it is a matter of Mark Davis‘ will to improve on their missteps and save the fate of their players for the Raiders who might be making more changes in the coming days.

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