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“NFL Don’t Want Me to Win With Tom Brady”: Antonio Brown Puts League in a Hot Seat for Ruining His Patriots Career

Yagya Bhargava

“NFL Don’t Want Me To Win With Tom Brady”: Antonio Brown Puts League in a Hot Seat For Ruining His Patriots Career

Antonio Brown isn’t pulling any punches! The retired NFL star has taken to social media with guns blazing, and this time, he’s aiming straight at the National Football League. In a no-holds-barred interview on the “FEARLESS” podcast with Jason Whitlock, AB unleashed his thoughts on why his time with Tom Brady and the Patriots came to an abrupt end.

When Antonio Brown inked his deal with the New England Patriots in 2019, it was a fresh start after a rocky ride with the Raiders. He described the experience of meeting Tom Brady and immersing himself in the Patriots’ culture as nothing short of overwhelming. “Ultimate respect” is what he used.

The excitement, however, quickly turned sour when things went south after just one game, in which he led the team. Yet, his tenure was cut short due to ongoing sexual harassment investigations. And it left him puzzled, but eventually, he pieced together what went wrong.

The NFL don’t want me to win with Tom Brady, especially not on the Patriots. You know why? I’m a Steeler,” AB told Whitlock. When pressed about the accusations and the surrounding controversies, Antonio Brown had all his explanations rolled up his sleeves.

He pointed to his controversial departure from the Steelers as a possible trigger for his issues with the NFL. Referencing Randy Moss’s experience with the New England Patriots, the former wideout added weight to his claims of league interference.

He even hinted at manipulation behind the assault allegations, suggesting a sinister agenda to derail his Patriots career. If true, it’s quite the revelation!

Antonio Brown Criticizes the NFL for Restricting Player Freedom

Did the NFL truly take issue with how Antonio Brown ended his Steelers tenure with a social media post and started making decisions for his career? Well, according to him, “The NFL is not a business where players can actually make the moves for themselves.

Brown believes he was fortunate to reach great heights in his career. When Jason Whitlock sought clarity, asking if the NFL didn’t want him to leave Pittsburgh, prompting Brown to engineer a trade scenario, Antonio firmly said, “Yeah, that’s the truth.”

AB admitted he messed up his deal with the Raiders, even after the team sweetened the pot with an extra $20 million. Surprisingly, money wasn’t his priority; he had already banked over $100 million during his 9-year Steelers stint. This highlights how the media often skews reality, shaping fans’ perceptions. Brown believes this narrative played a role in his tumultuous journey.

Antonio Brown even opened up about leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers because he sensed a lack of Super Bowl ambition within the team. At that pivotal stage in his career, he wished to seek a franchise with championship aspirations.

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