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NFL Running Back Austin Eckler Announces Return To NFL On Twitch Stream, Twitch Roasts Adam Schefter

Ashish Priyadarshi

NFL Running Back Austin Eckler Announces Return To NFL On Twitch Stream, Twitch Roasts Adam Schefter

Austin Eckler, Chargers running back, announced he would be returning to the field soon. Eckler broke the news on a Twitch stream:

Austin Eckler’s return could be a big boost to the Chargers’ offense. Eckler is versatile and surely the Chargers would love to have him back.

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How Does Austin Eckler Impact the Los Angeles Chargers?

Eckler is certainly one of the best dual-threat running backs in the league right now. In fact, he may just be better as a pass-catcher than a pure runner.

His stats from last year included 557 rushing yards on 4.2 yards-per-carry, but he also hauled in 92 receptions for 993 yards at 10.8 yard-per-catch. Those are dynamic numbers.

For his career, Eckler has averaged a strong 4.8 yards-per-carry and 10.4 yards-per-catch. Those are incredible numbers for a running back and it shows just how integral he is to the Chargers’ offense.

Look at the speed he employs there. Eckler is a big-play threat, and his absence has hurt the Chargers this season as they currently sit at 3-7. Having him back will do wonders for this team.

Eckler’s Injury and When Will He Return?

Eckler was hurt back when the Chargers took on the Bucs after he got tackled on a play. Here is how Eckler described the situation:

The player who tried to tackle Eckler “basically pushed them down and as pushed them down I jumped back”, and he also said that “definitely the most pain” he’s ever felt.

Eckler suffered a hamstring injury and hyperextended leg after the play. However, it looks like he may very well make a return to the field soon.

In fact, Eckler announced on Instagram too that he had checked all his rehab boxes:

However, the official word as to when he’ll come back is still pending. For Chargers fans, hopefully it’s soon.

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