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Nick Chubb Injury Update: Browns GM Andrew Berry Reveals Where Ace RB Stands On Road to Recovery

Utsav Khanna

Cleveland Browns Marquee RB Nick Chubb Takes $4 Million Pay Cut After Serious Knee Injury Last Season

Nick Chubb is feared in the National Football League. The man can single handedly decide the fate of the game. And in football that’s saying a lot. Thus, it is important for both, teammates and rivals to keep a track of his progress.

Tone Digz, a member of the Pat McAfee Show and a die-hard Steelers fan, hopped on the chance to get an update on the fierce back. Andrew Berry, the GM for the Cleveland Browns, stopped by PMS on Friday. And updated the world about his starting running back.

Berry noted that the serious knee injury has really set Chubb back. But the RB is well on his way back. Although, it will still be a long-time, but the path is becoming clearer and clearer each passing day.

On the impact of his star RB, Browns GM said,“First of all, nobody wants to bet against batman, right? We call him batman here. And Nick, he is a special player and a special human being.”

And further continued talking about his comeback,“He is doing well on his on his road to recovery. He still has a long way to go. Cause, obviously, it was a serious knee injury. But this past month he actually started running on land.” 

Chubb is a massive 227lbs beast who instills serious questions in the minds of defences. But maintaining that frame also comes with its own perils. And especially when you’re just rehabbing, players tend to go away from the team. But not Chubb.

Nick Chubb Has Not Changed Training Routine Despite Serious Knee Injury

The 5’11 RB has treated the off season like any other. And since he’s been rehabbing all throughout, there really hasn’t been an off season for him. As GM Berry notes,“He didn’t rehab away from the (facility). Like, he really kept his routine as if he was still preparing for a regular season game. There really has bee no off season with him.”

According to Berry he has shown all the signs mentally, and physically of coming back strong. They are taking it week by week for now, at least for the next couple of months which will be crucial. As he slowly increases putting load on his knee more information will be available about his NFL future.

Although they do expect him to play this season, Berry reserved himself the right to put any solid deadline on the idea. Something, that will keep Browns fans waiting, and Browns opposition in fear.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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