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Nick Wright Argues Against Tom Brady’s Non-Advocacy for the Chiefs’ Three-Peat Mission

Anushree Gupta

Nick Wright Argues Against Tom Brady’s Non-Advocacy for the Chiefs’ Three-Peat Mission

The Kansas City Chiefs, led by Patrick Mahomes, have indeed set off on their dynastic journey, now aiming for a three-peat. The Chiefs, a team known for their remarkable strengths and occasional flaws, have sparked debates among both their supporters and critics. Surprisingly, one of the doubters this time is none other than the legendary Tom Brady, who recently made it very clear that the Chiefs have less than a 50% chance of achieving a three-peat.

On the flip side, analyst Nick Wright stands firmly in support of the Chiefs, a team he has long championed. Appearing on ‘First Things First‘, he acknowledged the historical challenges but remained optimistic about their chances.

Wright believes that the defending champs are already more than halfway to achieving their goal, and the only question that should be asked right now is whether they can win it all this year.

“Can the Chiefs win this year? That’s the only question that exists right now. The other two happened already,” Wright said.

The sportscaster then delved into historical precedents, highlighting the Green Bay Packers’ achievement. The Packers won three championships in a row, albeit even before the term “Super Bowl” was coined.

He further discussed other notable attempts, such as the Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots, emphasizing that many of these teams fell short due to iconic and often legendary playoff moments.

For Wright, the Chiefs are as well-positioned as any team has ever been to make this achievement a reality. They have excelled under pressure, and although the draft and free agency weren’t very kind to the team, the analyst believes they are highly likely to make history this season. Interestingly, Wright’s co-host has a similar sentiment.

Chris Broussard Thinks Patrick Mahomes Is Extremely Driven to Surpass Tom Brady

Reacting to Tom Brady’s remarks, Chris Broussard argued that the Chiefs are ‘greatly positioned’ to achieve a three-peat. He further emphasized that Mahomes’ ambition to surpass TB12’s legacy will only bolster the defending champ’s case.

“I do agree that the Chiefs have great motivation and are greatly positioned, and I think what helps them is Mahomes has Brady out there that he’s chasing. So I think Mahomes is as motivated as you could possibly be,” Chris stated.

However, Chris also pointed out that the challenge for Patrick Mahomes will be ensuring the rest of the Chiefs share his level of motivation. While key players like Travis Kelce and Chris Jones are likely to stay motivated, given their recently signed contracts, others might be more focused on their financial futures rather than just winning another Super Bowl.

But after facing their toughest season last year, both Wright and Chris have nothing but belief in the combination of Mahomes’ motivation, the team’s positioning, and the hunger of the defense to make NFL history.

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