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“Nikki Glaser Was Just a Killer”: Drew Bledsoe Names Two Standout Roasters at Tom Brady’s Roast

Aditya Rajput

“Nikki Glaser Was Just a Killer”: Drew Bledsoe Names Two Standout Roasters at Tom Brady's Roast

The Greatest Roast of All Time saw some brilliant jokes by comedians and non-comedians. One of the biggest stand-out performances was Tom Brady’s predecessor, Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe was an absolute riot when it came to roasting Brady. He had some impeccable timing and some out-of-pocket jokes. And while Bledose himself was brilliant, he revealed his 2 favorite roasters on the All Facts No Brakes podcast.

While there were a lot of comics who went above and beyond at the roast, Bledsoe’s 2 favorites were Nikki Glaser and Ton Hinchcliffe. Glaser took it to a new level with her roasts, not sparing Brady’s career, personal life, or current relationship status, impressing Bledsoe. And when he met her, he found himself surprised by the contrast between her insult comedy persona and her actual personality. He said,

“Nicki Glazier was just a killer you know. I mean it was kind of crazy though. I met up with a bunch of people at the afterparty and she was there. And she is the nicest person you ever meet in your life uh she is just an absolute sweetheart.” 

He even likened her to a Bond villain, claiming that she was pretty but also deadly as a roaster.

With Hinchcliffe, Bledsoe was impressed with the theatrics of the set, coming out of the crowd and making jokes on a roll. While Hinchcliffe was memorable, Nikki Glaser’s set has become almost infamous. Glaser did not hesitate when she pushed the boundaries and went on to make jokes about every aspect of Brady’s life.

Nikki Glaser’s Iconic Set

Glaser truly turned heads with her set at the Tom Brady Roast. She first took a swing at Bledsoe by talking about how he was let go by the Patriots after his injury against the Jets and immediately replaced by Brady. And when she got to the man of the hour, she did not hesitate to make a stinger of a divorce joke.

She spoke about how he got left by Gisele and now he had one more ring to add to his collection of 7 Super Bowl rings. And Glaser didn’t just stop there. She also mocked TB-12 for the amount of times he retired and went back to play. Additionally, she made fun of Brady’s endeavor into crypto-currency and the whopping $30 million loss he made on it.

Glaser took a very complete approach to her roasting and did not spare any area of Brady’s life. With her jokes and her comedic timing, she was arguably one of the best roasters present at the Greatest Roast Of All Time. Good thing she advocated for herself and made the set-list.

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