“Next Chapter”: George Kittles hilarious April Fools Prank draws nervous reaction from GM John Lynch.

Arth Chandra
|Published April 02, 2021

49ers Tight End George Kittle trolled everyone in the NFL circle by posting a picture of himself in a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey. Everyone including GM John Lynch were shocked initially, only to realise that Kittle had pulled an April fool’s Day prank on them.

George Kittle and Chiefs TE Travis Kelce are widely considered to be in their own tier of Tight Ends. Kittle took little time to take the league by storm. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in only his 2nd season in 2018. And then backed that season up with another transcendent performance in 2019 where he was named an All-Pro.

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Kittles season in 2018 was cut short by a foot injury. But despite that Kittle is widely considered to be one of the best players in the whole league. He is known to single-handedly take over games but his prank on GM John Lynch may have been his best highlight yet.

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George Kittle trolls the internet on April Fool’s Day

George Kittle took to Twitter to post a picture of him in Jaguars gear, much to the surprise of everybody. It took some time for everyone to catch onto the hilarious prank that Kittle had pulled on them. And GM John Lynch’s reply was equally hilarious.

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Despite Kittle’s pranking of Lynch, the truth is that Kittle has a contract that he has a potential out of after the 2022 season.  Kittle will still be in his prime age at that time and could opt to go to a different team if the 49ers are still not performing well.

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Kittles $11.5M salary became guaranteed this past Thursday. Kittle is the highest paid TE in the entire league and has proved time and time again that he deserves every cent. With all of the 49ers healthy again, Kittle will hope that the team can make another Super Bowl run like they did only 2 years ago.

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