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“Not Gonna Judge Him Like I Judge Justin Herbert”: Shannon Sharpe Drops Bombshell Take About Lamar Jackson & the Ravens

Yashika Garg

"Not Gonna Judge Him Like I Judge Justin Herbert": Shannon Sharpe Drops Bombshell Take About Lamar Jackson & the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson fabulously drove his team to a 38-6 win against the Lions on Sunday. He has definitely given them results after bagging the ‘much-sought-after’ lucrative contract from the Ravens. So much so that even Shannon Sharpe had no issues saying that the Ravens QB should be compared to the likes of Mahomes and Rodgers.

On a recent First Take segment, Sharpe stated that Lamar Jackson should no longer be equated or compared to Justin Herbert as the Ravens star has surpassed his Chargers counterpart. Sharpe believes that Jackson should now be graded harsher, and held to the standard of QBs like Aaron Rodgers.

Shannon Sharpe Compares Lamar Jackson to Aaron Rodgers

In April, “Pay Lamar” finally paid off, as Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson bagged what fans and celebs called out he was owed: a $260 million five-year deal. And it’s finally paying off for the team, as NFL legends like Shannon Sharpe support Lamar’s MVP-worthy performance. Sharpe believes Lamar should be critiqued at the highest standard and should no longer be compared to Justin Herbert, as he has surpassed Herbert. In a recent take of Sharpe’s First Take, he said,

“We’ve got to judge Lamar just like we would a Aaron Rodgers, just like we would a Patrick Mahomes. Because that’s the level of greatness that he’s shown. … I’m not gonna judge him like I judge Josh Allen. I’m not gonna judge him like I judge Justin Herbert. Because he’s on a level and shown that he should be graded harsher.” Shannon believed the Ravens have surpassed their levels, “surprised by the level of dominance okay, it looked like you know they could have stayed out there forever and never been stopped.”

Lamar Jackson excels as a dual-threat QB, outperforming 2022 MVP Patrick Mahomes in the 2023 NFL season. After six games, Jackson has amassed 265 rushing yards and scored four touchdowns in 47 carries for the Ravens, while Mahomes has 185 rushing yards but no touchdowns in 29 carries for the Chiefs. Jackson’s impressive rushing has been a significant factor in the Ravens’ 4-2 record this season, showcasing his dual-threat skills. It won’t be wrong to believe in Sharpe’s belief that with Lamar, they’re getting, or everyone is getting, ‘money’s worth.’

He was among the few who believed that Jackson’s long-term contract extension with the Baltimore Ravens marked a shift in the team’s identity. At the time, the Ravens also added offensive firepower by signing wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr., Nelson Agholor, and Zay Flowers. Sharpe had even suggested that these moves indicated a transformation from a traditionally dominant defensive team to an offensive-minded one with Lamar at the helm.

However, it could pose challenges in the competitive AFC North division, akin to putting “all their eggs in one basket.” But even with everything, it seems Shannon’s prediction for the team came true. Along with Marcus Spears on First Take, who had already announced that Lamar would be neck to neck with Mahomes in 2023.

ESPN’s Prediction Seems to be Coming True for Lamar

ESPN’s Marcus Spears had anticipated a stellar season for Lamar Jackson in 2023 under the guidance of Offensive Coordinator Todd Monken. According to Marcus, Monken’s system was expected to showcase Jackson’s improved passing skills, putting him on par with top NFL quarterbacks. He even believed Jackson would be in a tight race for the MVP title with Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes. And with how Lamar’s performance has been this season, it’s all but coming true.

And even NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe agreed now. Jackson’s previous MVP win came in a condensed-space offense. But Spears noted that his transition to a spread-out field will challenge defenses. Additionally, he had suggested that the Baltimore Ravens could emerge as a significant threat to the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs in the AFC. He emphasized that the Ravens are poised to surprise fans by the end of the season, provided they maintain their health. It seems like they’re with their 5-2 score this season.

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