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Only One Team Has a Winning Record Against Patrick Mahomes in His Whole Career

Utsav Khanna

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Patrick Mahomes has undoubtedly become the face of the NFL in the post-Tom Brady era. But the sheer dominance with which he’s done that makes his success even more impressive. And if we try to put it in numbers, it can be easily explained that there’s no team he’s not conquered.

In fact, since becoming a starter in 2017, he has only held a losing record against one team. Except for the Indianapolis Colts, the former Texas Tech quarterback has been able to conquer or stand equal to the 30 other NFL teams. The first two times Mahomes played against the Colts was in the 2019 regular season. And the Colts got the best of him in both those match-ups.

But that year in their divisional playoff game, the 3x Super Bowl champ played a pivotal part in their 31-13 monster win. Ever since 2019, they haven’t met. Although, if you ask Colts fans, they might want to keep it that way till they get back to winning ways.

Even this year, the Colts are not taking on the Chiefs in the regular season. But some other records are going to be on the line. Let’s have a look once at Patrick Mahomes’ record against each NFL team:

The Bengals have come close to being on Mahomes’ Cheifs level. Recent comments by their QB Joe Burrow also showcase that they are building themselves to beat the reigning champs. On 15th September this year, one out of the two young stars will come out as the victor in the head-to-head battle. And maybe it still goes up for a toss if they meet again in the playoffs.

Last year, Mahomes lost one of the most coveted streaks of his career. He had a scot-free, 12-0 record against arch-rivals Denver Broncos. And last year in the regular season, the Broncos caught the struggling Chiefs team at the right time for them. And ended up getting over the Mahomes’ sized hump.

But this year, he gets to take revenge on last year’s loss. And possibly start the next massive winning streak against Sean Payton’s team.

Curious Case of Patrick Mahomes Vs Denver Broncos

Patrick Mahomes held not one, not two but three great streaks against the Broncos going into last year’s regular season match-up. And despite his 12-0 record against them and 16-0 record against AFC West teams on the road, he succumbed to the shortcomings of his team in Week 6.

All three streaks broke that day. And something else also came to the surface. Although he has had a dominant run against the Broncos, some astonishing stats came out of his play in those games.

His passer rating was 10 points down from his career average of 103. His TD-interception ratio also saw a slight dip. Some fans attribute this to better defense by the Broncos. The last few battles between the two teams show that the Denver defense is unwilling to accept destruction at the hands of just Patrick Mahomes.

Thus, they have found a way to contain him for the most part. But in most of those games, the Broncos ended up making costly mistakes that resulted in an undesired result. Although, with last year’s regular season win, they have hope. At the same time, Mahomes has bulletin board material for the next time he takes on the Mile High team.

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Utsav Khanna

Utsav Khanna


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