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Out-of-Market Fans Could Reportedly Face $850 Roadblock to Watch NFL Games Next Season

Nidheesh Kumar


If reports are real, the live streaming of NFL games will turn expensive for out-of-market football fans in 2024. The major reason is that a fan would need access to over 4  platforms to watch them live. Unfortunately, this cost excludes a basic cable package. 

According to the Awful Announcing Report, the subscription amount would total $850. If we go by math, this figure is equivalent to buying six NFL tickets. And, interestingly, this is the first time in NFL history that fans will pay a huge amount to watch the game live on their screens. 

The breakdown for six months is as follows:  $72.99 for YouTube TV,  $8.99 for Prime Video,  $5.99 for Peacock,  $10.99 for ESPN+, and $6.99 for Netflix. In addition, the price of the Sunday Ticket is $349, which totals the cost up to $850.66. 

Even though the participation of the streaming giants is a welcome move for the NFL market, a potential threat is the reception by the fans because of the cost factor. This is because the experts fear that tech-savvy fans might choose options such as Streameast, where they could stream the game for free. 

Meanwhile, advocates argue streaming giants would offer a better viewing experience. After the success of Quarterback, and Jason Kelce’s documentary, a sect of new OTT audience started following the NFL. This move could tap into their interest as they keenly follow streaming platforms. 

However, a concern surrounding streaming is its potential impact on the NFL’s public image. Instead of dividing it between four platforms, why did the NFL not allocate it to one platform, wonder many experts. Presently, the league is expanding its base outside the US, and public opinion from fans, which might be detrimental to its growth, is a big challenge. 

What Amazon & Netflix Intend To Gain From NFL

In a broader picture, the move could position both Amazon Prime and Netflix as a streaming tool for sports lovers. It helps to expand their base from a platform that provides movie and TV series content – to a much more nuanced content platform that caters to the varied interests of the fans. 

As a result, Amazon Prime Video will stream its first Playoff game this season. This is besides the Thursday Night Football deal signed in 2021. According to Front Office Sports, Amazon is paying $120M for this deal. 

Meanwhile, Netflix is in talks with the league to stream Christmas games. Traditionally, Christmas and Thanksgiving Day games are the most watched NFL games. And, acquiring its media rights is a game-changer in generating an audience. 

However, it remains to be seen how NFL fans would respond to the rising cost of streaming. Boycotting the NFL appears impossible considering that people live and breathe football. Streaming giants are yet to reveal whether they would offer new benefits to the fans, to keep them attracted to the latest change, or allow for short-term passes instead of full streaming packages during the NFL season. 

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Nidheesh Kumar

Nidheesh Kumar


A passionate sports buff, Nidheesh is in his eighth year in the media industry. While he prefers to watch the sport without picking favorite personalities, he loves Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers - for the intensity and competitiveness they bring into the game. He was a fan of The New England Patriots during The Tom Brady era, and is curiously following Kansas City Chiefs quest to achieve a new dynasty. An avid consumer of podcasts and interviews, Nidheesh enjoys watching The Pat McAfee Show, Colin Cowherd Podcast, Let’s Go Podcast and Omaha Production, led by Peyton Manning. He is also interested in exploring the personal lives of players, to know them better as a human. From Gisele Bündchen to Taylor Swift - He follows what’s up with the celebrities and keeps a track on their journey. Outside work, Nidheesh enjoys watching films, reading good books, listening to his tracklist, traveling to mountains and his most favorite hobby is walking.

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