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Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Share ‘Crazy’ Moment Watching Solar Eclipse With Daughter Sterling

Suresh Menon

Patrick Mahomes and Wife Brittany Share 'Crazy' Moment Watching Solar Eclipse With Daughter Sterling

Today, millions of people in Mexico, the USA, and Canada witnessed a rare celestial event of a total solar eclipse. As per reports, nearly 32 million people were in the path of the moon’s shadow as natives around the Mexico-Texas border and nearby states got the best view. People who could get the view were seen excitedly camping in their backyard with sunglasses on to catch the celestial event, which will next be seen in 2044. Patrick Mahomes and his family were among them.

Patrick Mahomes earlier today took to “X” to share his excitement in watching the total solar eclipse. In the photo, his 3-year-old daughter Sterling Skye can be seen sporting protective eyewear while sitting next to Brittany Mahomes on their balcony. An hour after observing the eclipse, Patrick took to social media and described the event as a “crazy” experience. “That was crazy not going to lie,” posted the KC Chiefs QB on his X account.

Brittany Mahomes also shared a snippet of the family outing on her Instagram story where Patrick is seen handling Sterling in his arms while the father-daughter duo looks into the deep abyss of the skyline. Patrick let out a loud “Dang” as he saw the moon traverse.

However, this wasn’t the only cute moment between the father-daughter duo today.

Patrick Mahomes’ Even Cuter Moment With Sterling Melts Hearts

As cute as Patrick and Sterling’s sky-gazing together was, Brittany’s next Instagram story showed us a much more beautiful bond between the father-daughter duo. One of the most basic and important rules to follow while observing an eclipse is to have appropriate eye protection.

Young Sterling was super excited about the celestial rarity as seen from Brittany’s Insta stories. The excitement, however, went too far when the little one hopped onto the patio and started looking at the sun again without protection. Patrick saw this and immediately jumped into action by standing in front of Sterling and cutely closing her eyes while she stood there earnestly. Mahomes’ swift move and gentle care impressed netizens’ hearts.

Interestingly, while Sterling was being a complete livewire and enjoying the celestial phenomena, her brother Bronze was busy stuffing Oreos in his mouth. Talk about the ultimate opportunist!

Nevertheless, it’s fun to see Mahomes spend a hearty time away from the gridiron with his family. When the regular season commences, the NFL star will be back on the grind, and surely, we will get glimpses of the little ones and Brittany soaking in all the fun from the sidelines.

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