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Patrick Mahomes Reveals Why He Hasn’t Tried His Incredible ‘Behind the Back’ Pass for 21 Straight Games

Aditya Rajput

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Whether it’s his way of picking up routes on the field or his passing, Patrick Mahomes has been an innovator on the field. At the heart of his innovation, is his behind-the-back pass. The QB has picked up a lot of attention for this particular pass but to fans’ dismay, it has been a long time since the pass has been used in action. And when Mahomes made an appearance on the First Things First podcast, he revealed why it’s been so long.

When he came onto the podcast, the hosts questioned the QB and asked him why the behind-the-back pass has been missing from his arsenal for over 21 games. He had a simple reply and said,

“I think it was, we didn’t play as well offensively enough for me to pull the behind-the-back pass off this last year but it’s no one else’s fault than myself.”

Mahomes admitted to his own self-doubt being the reason behind not using the different pass. Most people would’ve assumed that Coach Reid would be the main roadblock behind using such a pass in crucial games. But on the contrary, HC Reid himself drew up plays keeping Mahomes’ pass in mind.

The true beauty of having a coach like Reid is that he is truly fearless in his thought process and decision-making. Moreover, Mahomes revealed that there is a certain lovable tight-end he trusts with his unorthodox pass.

Who Does Patrick Mahomes Trust With His Pass?

While on the podcast, the QB made his first choice for receiving his pass perfectly clear. Per CBS Sports, he named his favorite teammate, Travis Kelce as the perfect person to catch his behind-the-back pass. In the past, Kelce and Mahomes have proven that they have a special connection on the field.

Their camaraderie and trust in each other translate to some of the highest levels of football that the NFL has seen. Moreover, his own athleticism is so unique that a pass so away from the normal might just work in the favor of the Chiefs.

The QB declared that this season he is definitely going to try it during the game, giving the fans what they want. As the Chiefs will be trying to accomplish their goal of winning a third ring, the QB will need to get comfortable with taking risks.

And with someone like Travis Kelce by his side, his risks might just pay off. It only remains to be seen at what stage we’ll see the pass from the Grim Reaper.

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Aditya Rajput

Aditya Rajput


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