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Peyton Manning-Tied Prophecy Foretells Lamar Jackson’s Promising Future

Ayush Juneja

Peyton Manning-Tied Prophecy Foretells Lamar Jackson’s Promising Future

Lamar Jackson is one of the most entertaining dual-threat QBs in the league. Despite a resume boasting over 21k yards, 154 TDs, and 2 NFL MVPs, he has faced criticism for failing to perform in the postseason. Since becoming the Ravens’ QB, he has a disappointing 2-4 playoff record, which interestingly mirrors Hall of Famer Peyton Manning’s record going into his seventh season. Considering that the former Colts and Broncos man won his first ring in his ninth year in the league, is Jackson’s time coming?

MLFootball recently posted a playoff stat comparison between Jackson and Manning on X (formerly Twitter), revealing glaring similarities between the two. Both Jackson and Manning have a 2-4 record in the playoffs going into their sixth year in the league, with one AFC Championship appearance each. Moreover, each has won only once in the divisional round, losing the game as the top seed.

However, Lamar has more passing yards with 1845 compared to Peyton’s 1501. While the former Broncos QB had 11 TDs to the Louisville alum’s 9, both were intercepted 6 times. Incidentally, both had already clinched 2 MVPs by their sixth year, with one of Manning’s MVPs also coming in his sixth season.

Although their careers stood at similar points, their paths were far from identical. Manning entered the league as the first overall pick, a highly valued second-generation NFL player. As the son of Archie Manning, he was seen as destined for greatness, and his ability to play as a QB was never questioned.

In contrast, doubts surrounded Lamar despite his Heisman win in 2016. His ability to play as a pocket-passing QB and his attitude were questioned. His leaked Wonderlic score and other rumors caused him to fall in the draft order to 32nd. It took skill and determination for his career to reach the same trajectory as Manning’s.

That being said, Cam Newton, who dazzled the league with his QB play, believes it’s the Ravens QB who has already surpassed him as a dual-threat.

Jackson Might Be the Greatest Dual-threat QB in NFL History, Newton Says

The NFL is blessed with QBs displaying great feats of athleticism and their ability to play as the dual-threat shot-caller. But as per Cam Newton, there is none greater than the Raven’s playmaker.

This is a huge claim considering the likes of Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, Randall Cunningham, and even Cam himself, who came before Lamar and not only made a great impact but also opened doors for black QBs.

Newton asserted during his ‘4th & 1’ show that Jackson has some big plays in him. Jackson is faster and more explosive than Cam. The 2015 MVP also noted that while he was a powerful runner, he lacked the speed to break away for long runs and often got caught by defenders easily.

“Lamar’s style is different than mine. He’s got big plays, any play. He’s got speed that I never had. And he’s just a legend. And then, I played the game more powerful … I can run, but I’m going to probably get caught. Vick, Lamar, they ain’t getting caught.”

Jackson has the potential to break Michael Vick’s record for rushing yards as a QB in the upcoming season. However, to deliver the Super Bowl he promised the Ravens, he needs to step up his game and continue putting in effort.

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Ayush Juneja

Ayush Juneja


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