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Rich Eisen Takes a Firm Stance On Chiefs Kicker Harrison Butker’s Polarizing Speech

Anushree Gupta

Rich Eisen

Rich Eisen, for one, was not a fan of Harrison Butker’s commencement speech. The Kansas City Chiefs kicker delivered a speech that turned the internet upside down. Considering the controversy, Rich Eisen didn’t hold back his thoughts, taking a clear and firm stance against Butker’s remarks.

During a segment on ‘The Rich Eisen Show‘, he and his wife, Suzy Shuster, reacted strongly to Butker’s comments. The host condemned the speech as “outrageous”, particularly for its delivery to a graduating class of young women. They also expressed disbelief and disappointment while elaborating on the importance of encouraging the multifaceted potential of young women.

“You’re terrific at so many things,” Eisen began, addressing Shuster. “The idea that somebody like you…or our daughter could be sitting there, and somebody gets up and says that sort of thing… It’s just outrageous.”

Butker’s speech, delivered at Benedictine College in Kansas, sparked significant controversy. He criticized abortion, LGBTQ+ Pride marches, and various cultural values, asserting that women’s most important role is as a homemaker.

This perspective was met with backlash from many, including more than 160,000 people who signed a petition for his firing. Meanwhile, Suzy Shuster had an opinion of her own on Butker’s words.

Rich Eisen’s Wife Reacts to Harrison Butker’s Demeaning Speech

Rich Eisen‘s passionate response presented a stronger reaction to the broader debate about freedom of speech and the impact of public figures’ statements. As the conversation continues, it’s clear that Eisen believes in advocating for the potential and rights of all individuals, regardless of societal expectations or traditional roles.

His wife Suzy Shuster echoed the sentiments of Eisen while also defending women from the sharp words presented by Harrison Butker. She voiced her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of choice and respect for different life paths.

“My heart hurt for those girls sitting there because they have so much potential ahead of them and they can do whatever they want to do,” she said. “I just don’t know why people have to try to put others in their place. Just let people live and encourage.”

Despite the uproar, some, including conservative voices and comedian Whoopi Goldberg, defended Butker’s right to express his beliefs. The NFL distanced itself from his remarks, emphasizing that they were his personal views and not representative of the league. But, anyone like Butker who has a considerable influence still needs to choose his words responsibly as highlighted by Rich Eisen and his wife on their show.

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