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Scheduled to Earn $19.8M This Season, Tyreek Hill Hints He Is Looking for a New Deal

Aditya Rajput

Scheduled to Earn $19.8M This Season, Tyreek Hill Hints He Is Looking for a New Deal

The NFL has witnessed a wave of new contracts emerging for various positions, and the wide receiver position is no exception. With Justin Jefferson setting a new benchmark, other top-notch wideouts are expecting their teams to splurge big bucks as well. Tyreek Hill is clearly one of them.

As he enters his third season with the Dolphins, Tyreek is set to earn $19.8 million this year, placing him 16th among the highest-paid receivers in the league. Naturally, a player of his caliber will be seeking a new deal.

Hill has made his intentions clear on ESPN. While speaking about the receiver market, Hill seemed delighted that Jefferson and other wide receivers had inked lucrative deals and reset the market along the way. He made it clear that he was nothing but excited to see WRs finally get the money they are worth. However, at the same time, he said,

“I’m 30 years old, also looking for a new deal. I am very excited to see where I fit in to that category.”

Age hasn’t slowed down the Cheetah, one of the most lethal speedsters the league has ever seen. Also, given his current contract status, the Dolphins have an ideal opportunity to extend Hill and secure a certified weapon in their arsenal.

The Contract Situation Between Tyreek and the Dolphins

As of now, the Dolphins seem a bit more focused on the negotiations between them and their QB, Tua Tagovailoa. While there aren’t any distinct details about how the contract talks will go between Hill and the team, there have been some interesting developments.

With the wide receiver market shifting due to JJ’s new deal, several new contracts have been signed. Even Tyreek’s teammate Jaylen Waddle has secured a 3-year, $84 million deal. Meanwhile, Tyreek still has three years remaining on his contract, with his guaranteed money set to expire after the 2024 season.

Therefore, talks of an extension are already underway, with Hill’s agent hinting that they have expressed their sentiments to the team, especially after assessing the new wide receiver market. He said,

“I have a fluid line of communication with Chris Grier and Brandon Shore… the Dolphins know how we feel.”

Hill is definitely on the list to get more money. His skill set and speed as a WR are unmatched in the league. Moreover, other suitors are likely to come knocking on Hill’s door if the Dolphins don’t swiftly satisfy his demands.

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