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Shannon Sharpe Explains How ‘Unbalanced Obsession’ for Greatness Makes GOATs Like Mr. Beast, Michael Jordan Achieve the Unthinkable

Yagya Bhargava

Shannon Sharpe Explains How 'Unbalanced Obsession' for Greatness Makes GOATs Like Mr. Beast, Michael Jordan Achieve the Unthinkable

Jimmy Donaldson, a.k.a. Mr. Beast, is one of the biggest YouTube stars in the world. Though the exact amount he earns from YouTube is shrouded in mystery, he is known to reinvest much of his earnings into his elaborate videos, some of which even cost millions to create. In a recent episode of the “Nightcap,” podcast Shannon Sharpe and Gilbert Arenas dissected MrBeast’s rise to YouTube stardom.

Shannon Sharpe compared Mr. Beast’s drive to learn YouTube algorithms to the dedication shown by legendary NBA and NFL athletes such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who also put in equal effort to master their skills.

The former NFL tight end’s point was that it is acceptable to do things in a typical manner if one aims to be just average in their pursuits. If one desires to excel in their field, they must be completely dedicated to perfecting their craft or profession.

Now, if you just want to be average, say you know, I’m cool with my 9-to-5. I’m cool doing what I do, come home, I’m able to go to all the kids or to all the kids’ events, stuff like that. That’s fine. I’m not here to knock you for that. I’m saying if you want to be the 0.000001%, there’s no other way. There is no balance to greatness.” Shannon said.

Shannon also mentioned that people adore Jordan and Kobe for their actions, but do not only truly understand and appreciate their journey and sacrifices for success. He further stated that individuals tend to pay attention to the message of influential figures only when they approve of the messenger; otherwise, they will ignore it.

Gilbert Arenas also stated that having ‘willpower’ is crucial; if someone lacks the determination to excel, no amount of advice can make a difference.

Shannon Sharpe Aspires To Excel As a Podcaster/Show Host

Mr. Beast’s pleasant personality and friendly attitude probably play a big role in his success on YouTube. Even after overtaking PewDiePie as the top content creator on the platform, he was praised by his competition. Likewise, within Shannon Sharpe’s domain, his friendly personality makes him beloved by numerous coworkers.

Just like Mr. Beast, Shannon Sharpe aims to achieve great success on YouTube through his hard work. Shannon always knew that the applause from fans was for his actions, not his identity. He is aware that things will never be as they were when he played for the Denver Broncos. When his name is being shouted by 80 thousand fans.

Now he realizes that those 80 thousand fans won’t be calling out his name as he passes by and he is no longer the same league athlete he used to be. He added:

I get the same high when I do a great conversation. I don’t even care. I leave, I tell CJ. I put everything I had in that. I know everybody ain’t gonna like everybody that I interview but you best believe that I gave everything I had. I left no stones unturned.” Shannon Sharpe added, “I want to be the best.”

Shannon stated that he and his team conduct research at the same level as he did in football. Information on a visitor, tactics to encourage them to open up for a meaningful discussion. Moreover, it is indeed true that one should engage in something not just for the sake of doing it, but for excelling at it.

Shannon hopes that his audience will feel enthusiastic about his work. Similar to on the football field, he was motivated by the excitement of fans as he emerged from the tunnel and entered the lineup. He also aspires to excel in the YouTube industry.

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