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Just Like Giannis Antetokounmpo Does for Thanasis, Shannon Sharpe Reveals How His Elder Brother Always Looked Out For Him

Utsav Khanna

Shannon Sharpe Reveals How Elder Brother Looked Out For Him Just Like Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokoumpo recently told the world that he turned down a deal with Adidas because of his brother Thanasis Antetokounmpo. Shannon Sharpe, who himself is one half of a ‘pro athlete brother duo’ from NFL, revealed how he relates to Thanasis and understands why Giannis would do what he did. Sterling Sharpe, a legendary wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers, is Shannon’s elder brother and came into the league well before he did.

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Being an instant fan favorite and high production target, Sterling would often get called for signings for different brands. Just like Giannis, even Sterling Sharpe would ask the organisers to call his brother, a young, upcoming Tight End from Savannah State. And he’d only agree to them if they were willing to let Shannon tag along as well.

Shannon Sharpe reveals, “Early on in my career, my brother was who he was, and he’d do these car signings. He wouldn’t do a car signing unless they brought me. Throw him something, twenty five hundred, three thousand, give’em some. So I don’t have a problem with it. And my thing is that’s your right. A lot of us, when we get in position, and we can help, we (scoffs). But absolutely, yeah. I wish my kids would be like this with each other.”  

All this while Sharpe agrees with Ocho that this is pretty much exclusive for family. Since, everybody cannot go where some of these people go. Not everyone can walkaway from an 8-figure deal like Giannis did. As Ocho puts it, it is only with a certain amount of “F U money” that someone can make a decision like that. Thus, whenever someone is in such a position of power, the Nightcap duo believe they should utilise it.

Since not many get such opportunities, most people do not hold the leverage over massive multibillion companies. Very few like the Greek Freak can, and thus he should bring up his brothers with him as far as he can, reckons Unc and Ocho.

Shannon Sharpe Claps Back at Those Calling Out ‘Nepotism’

Shannon believes when you’re in a position of power, you should use it to help those who were with you on the come up. Granted, people should be given jobs that they are worthy of, but one should not care what others might think of their decision, reckons the 3x Super Bowl champ. Talking about Bill Belichick and his son, Coach Reid working with his son, the former Tight End said, “But we feel, nah, if we do that people are gonna think it’s nepotism. I don’t care what you think. My company, I’m gonna do it. That’s how a lot of these younger coaches get started.”

However, the duo did talk about the responsibility aspect of it. When giving someone a responsibility or a position of power, the athletes themselves need to understand that they are vouching for this person. What they do, reflects on their personality, and brand, which they have worked very hard to build. Thus, when making such decisions, people who have this kind of leverage should be very careful, but not back away from helping your near and dear ones.

Post Edited By:Shubham Bhargav

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