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“She Doesn’t Care”: Taylor Swift Stands by Travis Kelce Amid Graduation Beer Chug Controversy

Suresh Menon

"She Doesn't Care": Taylor Swift Stands by Travis Kelce Amid Graduation Beer Chug Controversy

A few days ago, Travis Kelce divided the internet when he chugged a beer on the stage after receiving his diploma from the University of Cincinnati. Many saw this act as a sign of disrespect and thus questioned the Chiefs’ TE for his actions. A few fans also wondered how his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, would have felt about it. But based on their Coachella date night, we can safely conclude that she doesn’t care.

The reason why Swifties believe that the “Bad Blood” hitmaker doesn’t have an issue with Travis’ actions is her Coachella outfit. During her day 2 appearance with Travis, as per Page Six, the pop sensation was seen donning a chic black outfit paired with a green-colored “New Heights” cap. Popular Taylor Swift fan and YouTuber “A Swift Look” best summed Swifties’ feelings in her video, where she noted that Taylor’s action of wearing the New Heights cap in itself is a statement by the singer that she doesn’t care.

“A lot of fans felt that Taylor wearing the “New Heights” hat was kind of her way of showing support for Travis and also showing that she doesn’t care that he chugged a beer on stage while accepting his fake diploma,” said the YouTuber in her video.

Considering Taylor’s knack for deep, meaningful lyricism and the tendency to use a lot of symbolism and references, it won’t be a surprise if she actually meant that with a simple baseball hat. Moreover, the matter’s now put to rest anyway, thanks to Jason Kelce’s explanation on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Jason Kelce Defends Brother Travis Kelce on X

After netizens constantly questioned and criticized Travis Kelce for his beer chugging, Jason Kelce decided that he had enough. The former Eagles player hence took to “X” and clarified that the ceremony was part of their live taping of the New Heights podcast. It was intended to raise money for the University’s NIL. He also revealed that the ceremony was actually organized by the University so that they could poke fun at the brothers who never picked up their diplomas.

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