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Soon After Signing $6,000,000 Rookie Deal, Jalen Hurts Graciously Helped a Cancer Survivor’s Family With a $30,000 Cheque

Prasenjeet Singh

Soon After Signing $6,000,000 Rookie Deal, Jalen Hurts Graciously Helped a Cancer Survivor's Family With a $30,000 Cheque

Known for his brilliance on the football field, Jalen Hurts has shown that generosity knows no bounds. In a heartwarming display of his humility, shortly after securing a $6,000,000 rookie contract in 2020, Hurts extended a helping hand to a deserving family in need. He presented them with a cheque for $30,000.

During an interview with GQ Sports a couple of years ago, Jalen Hurts candidly shared his desire to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, particularly during the holiday season. Reflecting on his gesture, Hurts expressed that he wanted to bless a family facing challenges, which is why he had no issues with giving away $30k.

Angel Hurts: Eagles QB Gave a Brave Family a Lifeline

The heartfelt gesture from Jalen Hurts resonated far beyond the football field. Shortly after inking a $6,000,000 deal in his rookie year, Hurts’ help extended a lifeline to a family surrounded by adversity. They had a brave seven-year-old cancer survivor. Hurts put down his own $30,000 to enable the family put a downpayment for a new home. Talking about the incident in the interview, Hurts said,

“The holiday season came around. I was in search of a family I just wanted to bless. Some holiday spirit, trying to give back, show some uplift, or some service. I actually met this family through Alex’s Lemonade Stand. It’s a foundation in Philadelphia that basically supports cancer research and I got to meet the family, and I got to meet Eric. Eric has a very rare cancer, and he beat it,” Hurts had stated.

“This is what I told Eric. I was like, ‘Is there anything that you want Santa to come give you or anything that you want to ask Santa?’ And he didn’t really have much. And I said, ‘I’ll see what Santa can do.’ Then that’s when the video came out where I surprised them with the $30,000 check for a down payment on a new house. I pretty much got him every game you can imagine. Every system. New TV,” the Eagles QB further stated.

Hurts’ contributions to various charitable causes during his rookie year ran up to $60,000. He also revealed that his commitment to charitable endeavors made him feel content and happy. “I’m happy they’re happy,” he had said. Needless to say, Philadelphia has found itself an absolute keeper.

Jalen Hurts Has Some Pro Level Money Saving Methods

In the same interview with GQ, Hurts also shared some valuable insights on how to manage and save money effectively. In a world where very dollar counts, Hurts advice does sound effective for anyone trying to save money. This is what Hurts said on the saving precious dollars,

“Instead of buying a brand new car, ’cause it depreciates as soon as you get off the lot, you can buy a used car or lease a car. Instead of going out to eat all the time at these five-star restaurants, you can simply cook at home or person like me, I’m a take me a few to go plates from the facility,” the QB said.

He then advised people to save money by using a phone plan like ‘Straight Talk’. And finally, he advised everyone to hire a kid from the community instead of paying too much to landscaping companies, whenever you need someone to cut grass. In that way, one would be able to help out the community, while saving some hard earned dollars.

Hurts sure knows his way around some effective money-saving methods. Even when the Philadelphia Eagles QB is earning money right, left and center, he is being very judicious with his spendings which is fantastic to see.

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