“That Was An ‘Archie Manning Special'”: When Peyton Manning Paid Tribute to His Father Rather Than Boomer Esiason After the Longest Rush of His Career

Snehith Vemuri
|Published 14/10/2021

For all the success Peyton Manning had in the NFL, he never was too great with his feet. After the longest rush of his career, back in 2001, the Sheriff tipped his hat to his father.

The influence that the Manning family has had on the sport of football is unbelievable. Starting with Archie Manning, an Ole Miss legend who played in the NFL for 13 years from 1971 to 1984, ‘Manning’ has become a household name across America.

Everyone knows about the success his children, Eli and Peyton, have had in the NFL, winning a collective 4 Super Bowls. And now, the third generation of the family is entering the limelight.

Arch Manning, the high school junior who’s tearing it up and is the highest ranked player in his class, has been all over the headlines recently. As people compare him to his uncles and grandfather, the anticipation for his college commitment decision grows steadily.

Peyton Manning Credited His Father Archie For Fake Handoff TD Back in 2001

With all eyes on the next big thing, it’s easy to forget that this incredible lineage of QB excellence started with Archie decades ago. However, Peyton has always showed a loving appreciation for the impact his father had on his 18 season career.

In 2oo1, during an away game against the Bills, Peyton recorded the longest rush of his career. He fooled everyone in the stadium, including his own teammates, with a fake handoff to Edgerrin James which resulted in him keeping the ball, running out to the left, and scoring a 33 yard touchdown.

After the game, Phillip B. Wilson, a journalist who has covered the Colts for more than 2 decades, asked Peyton if his impressive ball fake was inspired by Boomer Esiason. However, the Bengals legend had nothing to do with it.

“No, that was an ‘Archie Manning Special,’” Peyton responded.

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