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“That Was Like a Ph.D in Quarterback”: Titans HC Brian Callahan Revisits Broncos Years with Peyton Manning

Yagya Bhargava

“That Was Like a Ph.D Quarterback”: Titans HC Brian Callahan Revisits Broncos Years With Peyton Manning

Brian Callahan’s coaching journey has been quite the adventure. In the 18-year journey, he has racked up loads of experience and climbed up the ranks through sheer hard work. Moreover, he’s had the chance to work with legendary quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Joe Burrow.

In a recent sit-down with Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on their “Bussin With The Boys” podcast, Callahan revisited his years as an offensive assistant for the Denver Broncos, the same season Peyton Manning led the team to Super Bowl glory.

Reflecting on that experience, the 39-year-old gushed, “Obviously, being around Peyton Manning for any amount of time is a blessing in and of itself. That was like a Ph.D. in quarterback.

Callahan witnessed Manning’s perseverance through injuries and statistical struggles during the tumultuous 2015 season, which he described as “a wild year” with Gary Kubiak implementing a new offensive system as head coach.

Despite the upheaval, Brian marveled at how Manning adapted. He pointed out that even after Peyton’s skill set was diminishing, he found ways to do the right things every time. Moreover, analyzing how the legendary quarterback processed adversity surely enriched Callahan’s perspective as a coach.

The opportunity to learn from generational talents like Manning has been invaluable for Callahan’s growth as a coach. Those formative experiences shaped his approach and philosophies that he now brings as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Brian Callahan explains how QBs elevate a team’s standards

As the conversation rolled on, Will Compton was curious if Peyton Manning’s lofty standards and expectations ever led to other players being left behind. Callahan admitted it happened a couple times – because once quarterbacks reach that rarified air, fans expect them to win every dang game. That level of success brings immense pressure to maintain the highest possible standards.

Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Drew Brees – those guys get to a certain point in their careers that they don’t allow anything other than what the highest standard is possible and if you don’t meet it, you’re not going to be playing with them,” Callahan explained. “That’s how he (Peyton) operated.”

The Super Bowl Champion understood that elite mindset from the sidelines because it’s what fans demand. With Manning, if a receiver couldn’t be trusted to catch the ball, he wanted him off the field. Heck, if coaches tried forcing that player in, Peyton would threaten to walk himself right off.

But that hardline approach motivated the entire team too. It pushed them to unearth talents they didn’t know they had, all because every player desperately wanted a seat at the table with an all-time great.

Just imagine the psyche of players who fans only see as winners or even, judge for their locker room behavior.

There’s an obscenely high standard that separates QBs like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning from the pack. Hundreds of QBs have cycled through the NFL, but now one knows what makes that handful the best of all-time.

Post Edited By:Satagni Sikder

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