“The Minnesota Vikings Thought It Was Hilarious”: Randy Moss Narrates the ‘Lambeau Mooning’ 16 Years Later

Snehith Vemuri
|Published March 21, 2021

More than 16 years ago, Randy Moss mooned the Packer fans at Lambeau and gave birth to one of the most iconic celebrations ever. Clearly, the memory is still fresh in his mind.

On January 9th, 2005 the Minnesota Vikings travelled to Green Bay and beat the Packers in the Wild Card round. Minnesota’s star WR Randy Moss scored a late touchdown to make the score 30-17, and sealed the win.

After hauling in the pass, Moss walked up to the Packer fans and fake mooned them. It was a hilarious moment for everyone except Green Bay residents and Joe Buck of course, who infamously called the celebration a “disgusting act” on the television broadcast. (Moss and Buck have since made amends, for the record.)

Former Vikings QB Tommy Kramer posted a series of videos last night where Moss explains the incident to a group fo friends around a daytime bonfire.

Moss was arguably the most talented WR of all-time but also one of the most charismatic individuals to grace the National Football League. Just take a look at the videos and see if you can get through them without a grin on your face.

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Randy Moss Relives the “Lambeau Mooning”

In the videos, Moss explains how the Vikings lost twice in the regular season to their division rival Green Bay Packers. In both games, Moss was sidelined with a hamstring injury, but it was the game in Lambeau which particularly motivated him.

As the Vikes arrived at the stadium, Moss recalls the fans “talking so much crap.” But obviously, this was nothing new. What really frustrated Moss was the University of Wisconsin’s marching band started a chant saying, “Where you at Moss?”

That’s right-some random college kids who were in college in 2005 are partly responsible for the Lambeau moon. After getting beat twice in the regular season, the Vikings had to go back to Lambeau to play the Packers in the wild card round.

With the “Where you at Moss?” fresh in his mind, Moss and the team arrived in Green Bay where they saw around 10 fans mooning the bus.

In Randy’s exact words: “It’s probably about 10 white as*es, sitting over there over the hill. They got their pants down, it ain’t nothing but white moon.”

And that’s pretty much where he got the inspiration for the celebration after he scored the touchdown which put the game to bed. He also recalled being slapped with a fine of $30k, which he undoubtedly paid in “straight cash homie.”

According to him, the Vikings had no problem with the incident but personally he felt the fine was unfair.

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