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“They Want Daddy’s Attention”: Father of Five Girls, Chris Harris Jr. Explains Why He Retired for Family

Yagya Bhargava

“They Want Daddy’s Attention”: Father of Five Girls, Chris Harris Jr. Explains Why He Retired for Family

For Chris Harris Jr., a 12-year NFL veteran and father of five beautiful daughters, the transition into retirement was driven by a yearning to devote himself wholeheartedly to his family. In a recent appearance on Kay Adams’ “Up & Adams” show, the former New Orleans Saints defensive back opened up about the catalyst behind this pivotal life decision.

As Harris Jr. reflected, a warm smile graced his features – the same smile that radiates whenever his daughters are the topic of conversation. “They want daddy’s attention 24/7,” he quipped, prompting Adams to inquire about the unique joys and challenges of raising five daughters. With a palpable sense of adoration, Harris Jr. responded, “My girls are at the age of nine to one. So, they’re at that crucial age where they need their Pops.”

Fatherhood, for Chris Harris Jr., has been a wellspring of profound joy – a fulfillment that transcends even the greatest triumphs on the gridiron. The veteran cornerback has never shied away from expressing his love for his five daughters, finding peace in their uninhibited laughter and carefree spirits.

During the season, players often find themselves exhausted, with limited family time, especially with kids in school. Chris Harris Jr. experienced this firsthand, finding he could only hang out with his kids at night. However, the offseason brought a different story. He had all day to spend with them, taking them to Chuck E. Cheese and enjoying more fun activities together.

This quality time made Harris realize something crucial. Why not extend that offseason fun throughout the entire year?

In Harris Jr.’s decision to walk away from the game he loves, one can discern a profound desire to immerse himself fully in the joys of fatherhood, savoring every precious moment with his daughters during their formative years.

Chris Harris Jr. Reflected On Family and Fatherhood

In a candid heart-to-heart with Men’s Health, Chris Harris opened up about his vulnerability as a father of five rambunctious little girls. With a charismatic grin, he gave a glimpse into the joyful mayhem of their family.

Harris chuckled that before their wedding, his wife had grand visions of an even spread — three boys, three girls — but they ended up with all daughters.​ “The goal was to try for an even roster: three boys and three girls.” However, the Harris household found itself outnumbered, with the veteran cornerback admitting, “But we ended up going 4–0 (now 5-0) with girls.”

As Harris recounted moments of playful chaos erupting amongst his daughters, he acknowledged the delicate balance he strikes as a father.

There are some days that I come home and find them all in the house wrestling one another—hair flying, little hands tugging and pulling, those high-pitched giggle-shrieks coming out of their mouths—and I’m faced with a choice: Do I step in or let them sort this out on their own?

For Harris, the transition from the aggressive environment of professional football to the realm of fatherhood required a delicate recalibration.

With me playing football for a living, I’m constantly going from being all charged up with testosterone in an environment where you have a lot of aggression to having to flip that switch at home.”

However, Harris found solace in observing his daughters’ ability to resolve conflicts independently, recognizing the inherent value in allowing them to navigate those formative experiences.

Harris acknowledged that parenting calls for a gentle touch, like guiding a child to understand why certain actions aren’t okay, before intervening. “I have to be able to walk them through the steps of why we don’t do this or that and encourage them to listen to Daddy.” It’s a delicate dance, one that Harris approaches with a newfound appreciation for the organic rhythms of fatherhood, embracing the chaos and cherishing the moments of joy that permeate his “girl-dad” life.

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