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“They’re Gonna Dare Him to Walk Away”: Cowboys Will Push Dak Prescott to the Limit, Says Mike Florio

Yagya Bhargava

"They're Gonna Dare Him to Walk Away": Cowboys Will Push Dak Prescott To the Limit, Says Mike Florio

All eyes are on Dak Prescott’s looming contract extension as the Dallas Cowboys navigate the intricacies of their quarterback situation. With just one year left on his current deal, America’s Team is playing hardball, possibly delaying negotiations to avoid shelling out “top-of-the-market” money. NFL Insider Mike Florio also agrees with this sentiment, suggesting that there might be a bigger story behind it.

In a recent segment on “Pro Football Talk” by “NFL on NBC,” Mike Florio delved into the Dallas Cowboys’ strategy regarding Dak Prescott’s contract extension. He implied that the Cowboys might be considering giving Prescott another year to prove himself before offering a substantial deal.

If Prescott declines their contract extension, he could definitely explore free agency for better offers. Alternatively, if he stays with the Cowboys, he could leverage team connections for broadcasting opportunities when Prescott decides to hang up his cleats, just like Troy Aikman, Tony Romo, and Jason Witten.

I think that they’re doing this to dare him to walk away from them after this season. And that’s why I think they don’t even need to talk about it anymore. We know they’re not going to do a new contract. They’re going to wait until after the season.” Adds Mike Florio.

After digesting Mike Florio’s insights, it seems the Dallas Cowboys aren’t entirely committed to securing Dak Prescott with a hefty contract. If the negotiations falter, they could be open to the flexibility of pursuing another quarterback.

Florio Called Jerry Jones ‘Cheap”

The Dallas Cowboys have been under scrutiny for owner Jerry Jones’ reluctance to invest in both emerging talent and veteran players for quite some time now. They have even been facing mounting criticism for their inactivity in not only free agency but also the draft.

Hence, Florio recently highlighted the importance of retaining their stars players, as the pressure on the Cowboys continues to intensify. He criticized Jerry Jones for waiting too long to extend the contracts for his stars, Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons.

When in the hell will the Cowboys gonna get their young star players taken care off? When are the Cowboys gonna wake up? When are they gonna stop being cheap, short-sighted and not as smart as they think they are, when it comes to dealing with their star players? It keeps blowing up in their faces!’” Mike Florio added.

That being said, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ front office have steered Dallas into consistent playoff contention, boasting one of the NFC East’s top regular-season records over the past decade.

However, despite this success, playoff advancement has often slipped away from them. Now that the 2024 season is on the horizon, Jones may be holding out to see if this year marks a turning point before committing to hefty extensions.

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