“This Guy Stinks”: Russell Wilson Gets Blasted Again for His “Best Friend God” Remarks Amid Knee Injury Reports

Deepesh Nair
|Published March 23, 2023

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback Russell Wilson has now become a full-time entertainer on social media. Although his performance on the gridiron was miserable, fans have been loving his tweets, especially the ones where he spits out philosophy and enlightening thoughts.

This offseason, the veteran is expected to find a way out of this agony and deliver for the team whenever required. The $245 million deal still haunts many Broncos fans, and hence he must justify his role. Apparently, the signal-caller again disappointed his followers with some of his usual “Jesus my best friend” tweets.

Netizens roast Russell Wilson for his latest reference

Ever since the Wisconsin product entered the NFL arena, he proved himself as a dual-threat quarterback, possessing the great ability to sling the ball and rush across the field. However, his productivity decreased in the last couple of years wherein he found a new home in Denver.

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He has been a great preacher of Jesus, and numerous times the veteran made references to God as an angel during his hard time. “JESUS is the best friend we could ever have!” Wilson said in his latest tweet. While many found this interesting, few of them criticized the passer for overlooking his ground reality and seeking help from God.

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One of the primary reasons behind Wilson’s poor performance was his injuries from last year. His right knee bothered him for a while, eventually taking a toll on his yearly statistics.

As a result, Wilson underwent surgery which is supposed to be a minor cleanup for the upcoming campaign, per NFL.com. His throwing shoulder also experienced some pain during the 2022 regular season; however, it seems to have healed.

Can we expect Wilson to make a comeback?

Well, it completely depends on how the veteran prepares this off-season. The expectations will be comparatively less, unlike last year’s hype that eventually doomed his overall performance.

Moreover, the head coach position at Broncos is now decorated with a legendary prospect in the form of Sean Payton. Thus he can choose whether to continue for the remaining four seasons or find himself in an uncomfortable situation.

Recently, the management also acquired Jarret Stidham to improve their quarterback depth chart. If Wilson fails to showcase his abilities, Payton can definitely take his chances upon Stidham to start the games. As this is a developing story, readers can stay tuned for more updates.

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