“Told people Marshawn Lynch would be the next big pitchman like Peyton Manning”: When the legendary RB took an injury cart for a joyride in college 15 years ago

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published 21/10/2021

Marshawn Lynch has given us some truly memorable moments in the NFL, from his seismic runs to whacky celebrations, we’ve seen it all.

Lynch’s unique personality was what made him one of the most iconic players in the league. Well, that and the fact that he could run you over on any given play.

The running back is most memorably known for this time with the Seattle Seahawks where he became a perennial Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion, rushing for 1,000 yards four years in a row from 2011 to 2014. His best highlight during that time was definitely his ‘beastquake’ run against the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 playoffs.

Lynch ranks 29th all time in rushing yards with 10,413 and 16th all time in rushing touchdowns with 85. Lynch may have been an enigma in the NFL, but he’s been that way his whole life, including his time at the University of California-Berkeley.

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Fans Joke About Marshawn Lynch And Peyton Manning On 15th Anniversary Of His Joyride At Berkeley

Before Lynch was tearing it up in the NFL, he was punishing defenders at Cal. In three years at Berkeley, he compiled 3,230 rushing yards and 29 rushing touchdowns.

However, as usual, his highlights went beyond the football field. In one particular instance, Lynch took one of the injury carts out on a wild ride around the field. Today marks the 15th anniversary of that ride, and in memory of it, it’d definitely be funny to look at the ride as well what people have to say about it now.

The comments on the post were pretty funny too, including a reference to Peyton Manning too?

Marshawn Lynch was always a joy.

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