“Championship Mentality”: Tom Brady’s Former Teammate, Who is Now Set to Protect Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, Highlights Similarities Between the Two Star QBs

Neha Joshi
|Published May 26, 2023

Donovan Smith, the former offensive tackle of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been added to the Chiefs’ roster recently. The talented OT signed a one-year contract with the Kansas City worth up to $9 million. Appearing in his first press conference for Kansas City, Donovan made a few very interesting observations about his former QB Tom Brady, and Chiefs’ superstar Patrick Mahomes.

Smith, after spending as many as 8 years in Tampa Bay, was released by the Bucs in March this year. He faced challenges due to injuries to his elbow and his overall numbers in recent times also weren’t as good as the team expected them to be. Given that the OT has the experience of playing alongside Tom, and is now starting a new chapter with the Chiefs, questions pertaining to Brady-Mahomes comparison are bound to be directed towards him.

Donovan Smith highlights amazing similarities between Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes

Smith, who has previously played with the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady, was asked by a reporter if there were any similarities between him and Patrick Mahomes. Although he accepted that he is just starting to gel in with the group in Kansas City, he has already seen a lot of similarities between the two quarterbacks.

As reported by FOX4KC’s Harold R. Kuntz, Smith said, “I am still trying to figure it out. You just see the dedication and hard work that they put in. [Patrick Mahomes] is really into it in tune: ‘I want things done.’ That’s the parallels that they have, just the championship mentality that they have on and off the field. You know, those are some similarities that I have seen.”

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Smith was the Buccaneers’ second-round draft pick in 2015. He went on to start 124 regular-season games, which is the sixth-most by any offensive lineman in the league from 2015 to 2022. If Smith succeeds in regaining his old form, then the current Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs would end up becoming an ever better unit.

Smith reveals he played with numerous injuries in Tampa Bay

While Mahomes’ new bodyguard was at the microphone yesterday, he said that there were multiple teams who wanted to add him to their respective rosters. However, considering how immaculately strong the Chiefs are as a unit, he ended up signing a deal with them without any hesitation. Smith also went on to reveal that his last year with the Bucs was a bit frustrating as he played with a plethora of injuries.

Donovan said, “[Last season with the Bucs] was a little frustrating. I mean, obviously, you know, I played with a lot more injuries than I probably should have,. But it’s just something that we do. We go out there, we sacrifice our bodies to go out there for the greater good of the team. … New beginning. New journey. I’m healthy. I’m fresh. And I’m feeling real good.”

It was refreshing to see the left tackle get excited about playing for a team with a great offensive line culture. Will 2023 turn out to be the year of redemption for Donovan?

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