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Tom Brady Describes How He Handled Home Flooding Day After Super Bowl Win Against Seahawks

Aditya Rajput

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From a young buck who was the 199th pick in a draft to a 7-time Super Bowl winner, Tom Brady has grown and flourished in ways that are truly rare. Moreover, throughout the years the QB’s outlook on the game has evolved and that has ultimately made him a better player.

While in conversation with Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder on the Pivot Podcast the QB shared his main motivation to gain maturity and a certain incident that shaped his thought process for years to come.

While on the podcast, the group conversed with Brady about experiences in life that made him realize the importance of having perspective. He explained the incident that happened after he won the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. He said,

“I remember we won the Super Bowl in 2014 against Seattle and flew home with my family. It was the day after the game get home and flood in my house like water just pouring on the roof. And I’m like what you know like a day ago we were on top of the world and now it’s like real-life, boom.” 

With his anecdote, Brady explained his profound realization. He mentioned that an incident like that made him realize that whether he wins or loses Super Bowls, his life has other important aspects. Being a parent and being someone with a family also helped him grow.

There were parts of him that needed to grow up and being a man with a family helped him do exactly that. Furthermore, he explained that the first time he became a parent with Jack, he started realizing his true responsibilities.

Son Jack’s Impact on Tom Brady’s Life

While he was doing great professionally, Brady openly admitted that he had a lot of growing up to do. And a huge reason for him finally growing up was his first child, Jack.

The QB explained that his first child’s birth made him privy to the kind of mistakes he was making, not just as an individual but as a budding parent. Moreover, Brady got into the habit of discipline and self-reflection because of the responsibility he had.

With Jack coming into his life, the QB made clear decisions to learn from his past mistakes. He went on to contemplate his shortcomings, slowly introspecting and becoming a better person. He also mentioned that his goal now is to live his next few decades by ensuring that his mistakes aren’t repeated.

Throughout the podcast, Tom Brady made it clear that his love for his son, and his family has helped him change for the better. With his priorities becoming straight, a retired Tom Brady seems like he’s going to be an even more mature version of himself.

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Aditya Rajput

Aditya Rajput


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