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Tom Brady Invests in New England Location That Attracts 4 Million Visitors Every Year

Ayush Juneja

Back in 2019, Alex Guerrero-Coach Belichick Probe Made Tom Brady Hang Up in Middle of the Interview

Tom Brady to return to New England? Seems so, but he will not be in his cleats. The 7-time Super Bowl will come back as a conservationist, looking to further his legacy in the area where he is revered and missed since he left in 2020. As per NBC10 Boston, Brady is looking to invest and give back to the community by focusing on reexamining the grass and space along the Charles River Esplanade.

Boston has been a big part of his life and 3-time MVP has always tried to give back to the community there. He has some fond memories of the area in downtown Boston, and Brady wants the area to be more kid-friendly, allowing them access to this beautiful area. He spent a lot of time in the park when he lived in the Back Bay and took his kids to ride the swings there.

Partnering with the Esplanade Association, he wants to expand free youth programming and year-round recreation in the Esplanade through his contribution. As reported by CBS News, the Association will rename its free youth activities as the Tom Brady Family Youth Programs. The program plans to promote local summer camps for outdoor activities on the river. It will also include Music and Movement to increase the kid’s interest in music.

His contribution will also support the construction of new Indoor-Outdoor facilities at Charles Bank Landing to replace the former Lee Pool. Announcing the partnership, Jen Mergel, the executive director of the Association said she and the group as a big fan of Brady are excited and honored by the 7-time Super Bowl winners’ involvement and it will encourage more people to spend time at Esplanade. She stated,

“As a big fan of Tom Brady, it’s an honor to announce that his name will prompt so many more people to explore, play, and make memories on the Esplanade.”

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Esplanade is a 64-acre park cherished for its natural & urbane beauty, riverfront access, miles of populated running trails, and planned programming. The Association has been trying to preserve and revitalize the area for the past 23 years.

Tom Brady has always been big on giving back to the community like many NFL stars. He has been involved in many charities and even opened his own charity.

Tom Brady’s Charitable Endeavours

We all know Tom as an astute businessman, but there is another side of him that is keen on giving back and helping the less fortunate. Brady has spread his wealth around to several charities. According to Sportscasting, Best Buddies is one such charity, which deals with over 200 million people with a form of intellectual or emotional disability. Over the years, he was responsible for raising $46 million for them. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America is an after-school program that helps kids harness their complete potential and Tom has been supporting them for years.

Kaboom! is a charity that builds interactive parks for kids across America. Former Michigan QB partnered with them to build a playground in Boston. Make-A-Wish is one of the most popular organizations in the country and Brady has been involved in making children’s wishes come true multiple times.

Aside from being a participant in many charities, Tom founded a charity, TB12 Foundation to help athletes. Founded in 2015, it focuses on improving their longevity by preventing injuries by helping them get access to practitioners and programs like pliability treatments, functional strength & conditioning, etc.

Football and sports in general are nothing without the fans and community. Players often cultivate relationships with people they are surrounded by and who support them unconditionally. While players and athletes get criticized for being paid too much, more efforts in this direction might change the narrative and show fans that they are very much part of the community and are not entitled professionals.

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