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“I Had His Poster in My Room”: Tom Brady Once Revealed Who the GOAT’s Inspiration Was Growing Up

Arjun Sukumaran

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The 2022 NFL season has taken fans through a roller coaster of emotions. From the various outrages at officiating errors to the thrilling and closely-fought postseason games, this season had it all. However, the one thing that struck all fans uniformly across the spectrum, is Tom Brady retiring. While he gets to spend extra time thinking about his future, fans cannot help but spend their time reliving his past.

One such memorable event from Brady’s past comes in the form of an interview. Back in 2005, Steve Kroft interviewed Tom Brady for CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ show. Kroft and Brady went through a range of questions, including who TB12 looked up to growing up. The answer, though not very surprising, does come across as unexpected for many.

Tom Brady once compared himself to the great Joe Montana

At 28 years and with 3 Super Bowls, TB12 was already on his way to greatness. At that stage, if he had called himself the greatest QB in NFL history, no one would have doubted him. However, the modest Brady was much content comparing himself to some of the best in the NFL, saying, “The person I try to be like, and, if I am, that’s great, it’d be Joe Montana.”

The reason for that response, as he reveals right after, is because of his admiration for the 4x Super Bowl winner. “There’s some guys that I really like, that I probably wish I could be more like, but the most similar would be John Elway,” he says. “I had posters of John Elway and Steve Young and Dan Marino. Joe Montana was who I really looked up to.”

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Tom Brady’s sense of humor never left him

It is probably very heartwarming to know that Brady hasn’t changed a lot since his entry into the NFL. One of the most striking features about him back then was his sense of humor. Fortunately, that hasn’t changed at all. During the interview, Kroft asks, “Before you played the Panthers in the Super Bowl, their QB, Jake Delhomme, said: “I want to be like Tom Brady.” Do you remember what you said?”

Apparently, Brady replied to that with, “You mean he wants to be slow with an average arm?“, although his improvised response during the interview, “He probably doesn’t need any help from me, he’s in the Super Bowl“, wasn’t all that bad either.

The GOAT may have left the gridiron for good this time. However, he is not quite done with the NFL. With retirement comes a new opportunity, one in the fields of commentating and game-calling. With his massive 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox now set in stone, fans are excited in anticipation of his on-screen debut. Will the GOAT be peerless in this part of his life too?

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