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Tom Brady Outlines ‘The Only Way’ QBs Like Caleb Williams Can Play for 20 Years

Nidheesh Kumar

Tom Brady Outlines ‘The Only Way’ QBs Like Caleb Williams Can Play for 20 Years

Tom Brady has time and time again been vocal about how dual-threat QBs face severe challenges in maintaining longevity in the league. This brings us to Caleb Williams, who wishes to remain with the team that drafted him for 20 years. While injuries will always pose a risk for Caleb on the field—something beyond his control—Brady, during his recent appearance on ‘The Pivot’, emphasized another crucial factor that Williams should consider.

Several factors helped Tom Brady thrive in the NFL for over two decades. In his latest conversation with Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, and Ryan Clark, the former quarterback was very clear that he would not have achieved greatness without finding acceptance from his teammates.

He asserted that isolating oneself from the entire team is one of the worst mistakes a quarterback can make. Given that a quarterback is also limited to a certain skill set, it’s crucial for the players he shares the gridiron with to foster mutual understanding and respect. Brady emphasized that if this dynamic is lacking, that quarterback will surely not last for 20 years.

“If he (Quarterback) wants to separate himself from the rest of the team, it’s not gonna go. You are not gonna play 20 years. You are not. Because, the only way you are going to play is your teammates. There is only so much things we can do,” Brady said at the show. 

Brady’s response came to a question about what he expects from young QBs such as Caleb Williams and CJ Stroud. But there’s more.

Tom Brady Advises Young Quarterbacks to ‘Celebrate the Right Way’

Exploring how a quarterback should thrive, Brady denoted that he should be able to talk the right way, hang out with his teammates the right way, and even celebrate the right way. He emphasized that a QB’s teammates will keep evaluating him, from the time he comes to practice to how he reacts to wins and losses. And if the said QB pretends to be a team player, the locker room will see it from a mile away.

“They know you intimately. You can’t fool people in the locker room. You can’t bullshit your way through a football season. May be one year if you are a good actor. But people are going to know who you are if you don’t show up early. They are going to know who I am by the time they approach next week,” Brady added. 

If one is to break down what Brady said, the task for Caleb Williams in his debut year is as follows. 1) Bond well with the Bears teammates. 2) Don’t fall prey to the NFL pressure. 3) Treat each game on its own. 4) Be grounded, and be open to admitting your mistakes to teammates. According to Brady, these qualities will help a quarterback in his long-term goal. 

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