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“Tom Brady Tied My Tie”: Standup Comedian Hilariously Recounts Red Carpet Moment With NFL Legend

Yagya Bhargava

"Tom Brady Tied My Tie": Standup Comedian Hilariously Recounts Red Carpet Moment With NFL Legend

Not many can boast that Tom Brady assisted them in tying their tie. It’s a privilege reserved for a select few and stand-up comedian Alex Edelman happens to be on that list. During his recent appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon, Alex revealed how the football legend once charmingly stepped in to tie his tie, rescuing him from a potential embarrassment during a red carpet event.

On the show, Alex Edelman initially recalled the first time he and Jimmy Fallon met; Alex was just fifteen, working for the Boston Red Sox PR team. He arrived impeccably dressed in his Bar Mitzvah suit at the “Fever Pitch” premiere, assigned to interview people like Jimmy for the Red Sox Kids Nation Newsletter.

While Jimmy was intrigued by the sharp attire and adept tie-tying skills of the young teen, Alex revealed that it wasn’t his handiwork that made his appearance much more polished. It was the former Patriots QB, who, with just a glance, asked Alex why he wasn’t wearing a tie to such a grand event. Alex awkwardly revealed his unworn tie from his pocket, and Brady unhesitatingly offered his help.

I showed up on the red carpet with no tie, and Tom Brady was coming down the carpet, and he went, ‘Where’s your tie?’ I was too embarrassed to tell him. I didn’t know how to put one on, so I pulled it out of my pocket and Tom Brady was like, ‘Come here, man!’” narrated Alex.

Host Jimmy Fallon was surprised at the revelation that Tom Brady had casually tied a young teen’s tie on a red carpet. Meanwhile, Alex Edelman was utterly thrilled by the experience, expressing deep admiration for Brady.

Tom Brady Once Surprised Young Fans by Visiting a Trading Card Store With Kevin Hart and Travis Scott

Tom Brady’s kindness is not limited to red carpets; he’s always been on his feet to brighten someone’s day. Last year, he collaborated with Kevin Hart and Travis Scott for a special fan event. Organized by Fanatics, the trio inaugurated the retail company’s first Topps Hobby Rip Night, according to People.

Sports trading cards and memorabilia enthusiasts had a busy day, with a chance of winning big, raffles, and even pack wars. The event took place at “Wax, Packs, and Throwbacks” in Linwood, New Jersey, and the entire place was filled to the brim with fans.

Subsequently, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin shared a video of the event on his Instagram page, capturing Brady mingling with thrilled fans. Kevin and Travis soon make an entrance from the back, sending fans into a frenzy. In one part of the video, the NFL star can even be heard screaming in excitement, “I’ve got a lot of good cards,” while the fans couldn’t believe the moment was actually happening.

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